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    HST '122012-03-16
    APSys 20122012-04-16
    SSS 20122012-04-16
    * MMMM 20122012-04-23
    NSDI 122012-04-25
    OSDI '122012-05-03
    * Middleware2012-05-18
    * SoCC 20122012-06-08
    * SI Virtualization2012-07-01
    * ICISS 20122012-07-13
    TAPAS 20122012-07-20

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HST '12

Title:IEEE Conference on Technology for Homeland Security
Abstract Deadline:2012-03-16
Submission Deadline:2012-04-06
Dates:Nov, 13-15, 2012
Location:Waltham, MA USA
IEEE HST 2012 will bring together global science and technology thought leaders to foster homeland security technology innovation. Produced by IEEE with technical support from DHS S%T, IEEE Biometrics Council, IEEE Boston Section, and IEEE-USA and organizational support from MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Raytheon, Battelle, and MITRE, this year's event will showcase selected technical papers and posters highlighting emerging technologies in the areas of: Cyber Security, Attack and Disaster Preparation, Recovery, and Response, Land and Maritime Border Security, Biometrics & Forensics.

APSys 2012

Title:3rd ACM SIGOPS Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems
Submission Deadline:2012-04-16
Dates:July, 23-24, 2012
Location:Seoul, South Korea
Building on the success of its 2010 and 2011 predecessors in New Delhi, India and Shanghai, China, APSys 2012 will be a lively forum for systems researchers and practitioners across the world to meet, interact, and collaborate with their peers from the Asia/Pacific region. We take a broad view of computer systems, and solicit papers on topics such as: Operating systems, Virtualization, File and storage systems, Mobile and pervasive computing, Cloud computing and data center management, Distributed systems, Networks, Unique system designs for developing countries, Energy efficiency and green computing, Measurement, monitoring and modeling, Reliability, scalability, and fault-tolerance, Security and privacy.

SSS 2012

Title:14th International Symposium on Stabilization, Safety, and Security of Distributed Systems
Abstract Deadline:2012-04-16
Submission Deadline:2012-04-23
Dates:October, 1-4, 2012
Location:Toronto, Canada
SSS is an international forum for researchers and practitioners in the design and development of distributed systems with self-* properties: (classical) self-stabilizing, self-configuring, self-organizing, self-managing, self-repairing, self-healing, self-optimizing, self-adaptive, and self-protecting. Research in distributed systems is now at a crucial point in its evolution, marked by the importance of dynamic systems such as peer-to-peer networks, large-scale wireless sensor networks, mobile ad hoc networks, cloud computing, robotic networks, etc. Moreover, new applications such as grid and web services, banking and e-commerce, e-health and robotics, aerospace and avionics, automotive, industrial process control, etc. have joined the traditional applications of distributed systems.


MMMM 2012

Title:MMMM: Memory Management for Many- and Multicore MMnet Workshop
Submission Deadline:2012-04-23
Dates:April, 23, 2012
Location:Imperial College London
Memory management remains an important research area as managed run-time environments are increasingly widely adopted. Server requirements for multi-gigabyte heaps, the ubiquitous use of multicore platforms and the advent of many-core processors throw up new research challenges. This one-day workshop aims to bring together UK academia and industry with the aim of establishing new links and enhancing existing collaboration within the framework of the UK Memory Management Network. As with previous workshops, the day will include a mixture of presentations and time for discussion of ongoing work and future research directions. See for details


Title:9th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation
Submission Deadline:2012-04-25
Dates:April, 25-27, 2012
Location:San Jose, CA, USA
Join us in San Jose, CA, April 25-27, 2012, for the 9th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation. NSDI '12 focuses on the design principles, implementation, and practical evaluation of large-scale networked and distributed systems. Systems as diverse as data centers, Internet routing, peer-to-peer and overlay networks, storage clusters, sensor networks, wireless and mobile systems, Web-based systems, and measurement infrastructures share a set of common challenges. Our goal is to bring together researchers from across the networking and systems community to foster a broad approach to addressing our common research challenges. NSDI '12 is sponsored by the USENIX Association in cooperation with ACM SIGCOMM and ACM SIGOPS

OSDI '12

Title:10th USENIX Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation
Submission Deadline:2012-05-03
Dates:October 8-10, 2012
Location:Hollywood, CA, USA
The tenth OSDI seeks to present innovative, exciting research in computer systems. OSDI brings together professionals from academic and industrial backgrounds in what has become a premier forum for discussing the design, implementation, and implications of systems software.



Title:13th ACM/IFIP/USENIX Internantional Middleware Conference
Abstract Deadline:2012-05-18
Submission Deadline:2012-05-25
Dates:3-7, December, 2012
Location:Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The annual ACM/IFIP/USENIX Middleware conference is a premier forum for the discussion of innovations and recent advances in the design, implementation, experimentation, deployment, and usage of middleware systems. The scope of the conference is the design, implementation, deployment, and evaluation of system platforms and architectures for current and future computing, storage, and communication environments.


SoCC 2012

Title:ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing (SoCC) 2012
Abstract Deadline:2012-06-08
Submission Deadline:2012-06-15
Dates:October 14-17, 2012
Location:San Jose, California, USA
Contact Email:Daniel Freedman <>
The ACM Symposium on Cloud Computing 2012 (ACM SoCC 2012) will be the third in a new series of symposia that brings together researchers, developers, users, and practitioners interested in cloud computing. ACM SoCC is co-sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Groups on Management of Data (SIGMOD) and on Operating Systems (SIGOPS). In the past, SoCC has been held in conjunction with the ACM SIGMOD and ACM SOSP Conferences in alternative years. In 2012, SoCC is growing up: It will be held on its own for the first time and the setting will be Silicon Valley. The scope of SoCC Symposia is broad and encompasses diverse systems topics such as software as a service, virtualization, and scalable cloud data services. Many facets of systems and data management issues must be revisited in the context of cloud computing. Suggested topics for paper submissions include but are not limited to: * Administrative and Manageability * Data Privacy * Data Services Architectures * Distributed and Parallel Query Processing * Energy Management * Distribution and Cloud Networking * High Availability and Reliability * Infrastructure Technologies * Large Scale Cloud Applications * Multi-Tenancy * Programming Models * Provisioning and Metering * Resource Management and Performance * Scientific Data Management * Security of Services * Service Level Agreements * Storage Architectures * Transactional Models * Virtualization Technologies


SI Virtualization

Title:IEEE Internet Computing Special Issue on Virtualization
Submission Deadline:2012-07-01
IEEE Internet Computing is organizing a special issue on Virtualization. Please see the Web page for the full CFP.


ICISS 2012

Title:8th International Conference on Information Systems Security 2012
Submission Deadline:2012-07-13
Location:Guwahati, India
The conference series ICISS, held annually, provides a forum for disseminating latest research results in information and systems security. ICISS 2012, the Eight conference in this series, will be held under the aegis of the newly formed Society for Research in Information Security and Privacy (SRISP). The acceptance ratio of the first seven conferences has averaged less than 30%, and the proceedings have been published as part of the Springer-Verlag series of Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Submissions are encouraged from academia, industry and government addressing theoretical and practical problems in information and systems security and related areas.

TAPAS 2012

Title:2nd International Conference on Practice and Theory of Algorithms in (Computer) Systems
Submission Deadline:2012-07-20
Dates:December, 3-5, 2012
Location:Kibbutz Ein Gedi, Dead Sea, Israel (
The continuously increasing interaction between communication and computing gives rise to difficult algorithmic issues in diverse areas including coverage, mobility, routing, cooperation, capacity planning, scheduling, and power control. The aim of TAPAS is to provide a forum for presentation of original research in the design, implementation and evaluation of algorithms.


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