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Title:HOT CHIPS Symposium on High-Performance Chips
Deadline: 18-Aug-2002
Conference: Aug 18-20, 2002
Hot Chips 14 brings together designers and architects of high-performance chips, software, and systems. Presentations focus on up-to-the-minute real developments. This symposium is the primary forum for engineers and researchers to highlight their leading-edge designs. Three full days of tutorials and technical sessions will keep you on top of the industry. Program details and registration is available through our web site at

Title:6th International Conference On Principles Of DIstributed Systems
Deadline: 01-Sep-2002
Conference: Reims, France/December 11-13, 2002
The 6th International Conference On Principles Of Distributed Systems is an open forum for the exchange of state-of-the-art knowledge on Distributed Computing among researchers from around the world. This conference is the sixth in a series of annual conferences. The program committee is soliciting research contributions to the design, analysis theory and specification of Distributed Systems.

Title:2nd International Workshop on Embedded Software
Deadline: 07-Sep-2002
Conference: EMSOFT'02, October 7-9, 2002, Grenoble, France
CALL FOR PARTICIPATION The scope of the EMSOFT Workshop spans all aspects of embedded software, including operating systems and middleware, programming languages and compilers, modeling and validation, software engineering and programming methodologies, scheduling and execution-time analysis, formal methods, communication protocols and fault tolerance. For this second version of EMSOFT, we attempted to strike a balance between invited and selected contributions. The Program includes 17 selected and 13 invited contributions. Registration fees include conference attendance, handouts, proceedings, refreshments, and the conference dinner on Tuesday, October 8th. The EMSOFT'02 fees amount to: 300 euros for regular attendees and 200 euros for students. You can register online at:

Deadline: 13-Sep-2002
Conference: THE 23rd International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems
ICDCS provides a forum for engineers and scientists in academia, industry, and government to present and discuss their latest research findings on a broad array of topics in distributed computing.

Title:4th USENIX Symposium on Internet Technologies and Systems
Deadline: 16-Sep-2002
Conference: March 26-28, 2003
The USITS Program Committee seeks both innovative research and quantified experience in Internet applications, technologies, and systems. We seek papers describing original work concerning the design, implementation, and application of Internet technologies. Besides mature work, we also encourage papers outlining a compelling distant vision of the future, exceptionally promising prototypes, or enlightening negative results. Case studies and experience papers are particularly welcome. Submissions are due on September 16, 2002. For more information, please visit We look forward to receiving your submissions!

Title:International Conference on Measurement and Modeling of Computer Systems
Deadline: 25-Oct-2002
Conference: June 10-14 2003
The SIGMETRICS conference solicits papers on the development and application of state-of-the-art, broadly applicable analytic, simulation, and measurement-based performance evaluation techniques. We are interested in techniques whose aim is to evaluate a system's dependability, security, correctness, or power consumption as well as more traditional performance metrics. Of particular interest is work that furthers the state of the art in performance evaluation methods, or that creatively applies previously developed methods to gain important insights into key design trade-offs in complex computer and communication systems.

Title:The Twelfth International World Wide Web Conference
Deadline: 15-Nov-2002
Conference: May 20-24, 2003, Budapest, Hungary
WWW2003 seeks original papers describing research in all areas of the web. Papers should not have been published or be in submission at another conference or journal. Topics include but are not limited to: Applications Browsers and User Interfaces Electronic Commerce Hypermedia Mobility and Wireless Access Multimedia Performance and Reliability Search and Data Mining Security and Privacy Semantic Web Web Engineering


Title:   Mark Weiser Award Nominations
The Mark Weiser Award is an award created in 2001 by ACM SIGOPS, to be given to an individual who has demonstrated creativity and innovation in operating systems research. The recipient must have begun his or her career no earlier than 20 years prior to nomination. More information is available on the award web site at and nominations are due on September 1, 2002.

SIGOPS Annual Report

SIGOPS has had a successful year, sponsoring many conferences, and launching a new ongoing award.

The Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP), our flagship conference, was held at the beautiful Chateau Lake Louise in Banff, Canada, last October. The participants seemed as impressed by the excellent technical program as they were by the scenery. One of the highlights of the program was the presentation of two awards. We gave a Distinguished service award to Bill Waite, who edited Operating Systems Review for well for over twenty years. The Mark Weiser award, given each year "to an individual who has demonstrated creativity and innovation in operating systems research" (and must have begun his or her career no earlier than 20 years prior to nomination), was inaugurated at this SOSP. Frans Kaashoek of MIT was first to receive the award. Future awards will be presented at OSDI and SOSP each year.

Two award papers were the highlights of the excellent SOSP program: "Untrusted Hosts and Confidentiality: Secure Program Partitioning" by Steve Zdancewic, Lantian Zheng, Nathaniel Nystrom, Andrew C. Myers (Cornell University), and "BASE: Using Abstraction to Improve Fault Tolerance" by Rodrigo Rodrigues, Barbara Liskov (MIT), Miguel Castro (Microsoft Research).

SIGOPS also co-sponsored the 20th ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC), in August, and the 9th International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS), in November. Middleware (the IFIP/ACM International Conference on Distributed System Platforms) was once again "in cooperation with SIGOPS", in November.

In the coming year we see the return of our biannual European Workshop, to be held in Saint-Emilion, France, in September, and will co-sponsor OSDI (Operating Systems Design and Implementation), in December. Once again, WIESS (Workshop on Industrial Experiences with System Software) will be colocated with OSDI.

We are also involved in several new conferences. We lent our cooperation to two new conferences, FAST (Conference on File and Storage Technologies), last January, and ARCS (Trends in network and pervasive computing), in April, and to MobiSys (the International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services) coming to San Francisco next May.

At the SIGOPS business meeting last year we had a long discussion about the location for future SOSP meetings. We held SOSP in Europe for the first time in 1997, and there is general support to return to Europe on a regular basis, perhaps every three iterations or so. On the other hand, the SOSP audience has substantial overlap with the SIGCOMM audience; SIGCOMM's annual conference meets in Europe every three years. Several who like to attend both SOSP and SIGCOMM voiced a preference to avoid scheduling both in Europe in the same year. Since SIGCOMM's rotation places them in Europe in 2003, we decided to postpone SOSP's return to Europe until SOSP'05. SOSP'03 will be at the beautiful Sagamore resort on Lake George (north of Albany, NY), October 19-22, 2003. Michael Scott is General Chair, and Larry Peterson is Program Chair.

We continue to communicate to our membership through the Operating Systems Review newsletter and the monthly email to the SIGOPS-announce mailing list. We continually strive to serve our community and our members well. The number of members is, however, decreasing. Although our conferences are well attended, and the research community is thriving, we find that fewer members of that community choose to become SIGOPS members. We encourage all systems researchers to continue support our community and to join SIGOPS.

The SIGOPS community is as vital as ever. Despite the "operating systems" in our name, we continue to involve people who are interested in a wide range of systems issues, as exhibited by the content in the conferences listed above. In addition to core topics in operating systems, our community's interests span distributed systems, networks and the Internet, middleware, pervasive computing, security, mobile computing, multimedia systems, and more. Some areas that seem to be of rapidly increasing interest are pervasive computing, power management, sensor networks, security, scalable 
Internet services, peer-to-peer storage, and overlay networks.


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