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    * INFLOW 20162016-08-05
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    * NETWORKS 20162016-08-15
    OPODIS 20162016-08-15
    * SysTEX '162016-08-19
    * CAN 20162016-08-21!/canworkshop
    * IC2E 20172016-08-29
    * DAT'162016-09-09
    EWSN 20172016-09-12
    SENSORNETS 20172016-10-07
    * EuroSys 20172016-10-14

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Title:The 4th workshop on Interactions of Nvm/FLash with Operating systems and Workloads
Submission Deadline:2016-08-05
Dates:November, 1, 2016
Location:Savannah, GA, USA
The goal of INFLOW’16 is to bring together researchers and practitioners working in systems, across the hardware/software stack, who are interested in the cross-cutting issues of NVM/Flash technologies, Operating Systems, and emerging Workloads. Topics of interest include but are not limited to: - Operating systems support for Flash and newer NVM technologies - New filesystem / storage software design ideas to support NVM/Flash - Virtualization trends for SSD storage - Flash SSD and NVM in Cloud Computing - Applications of NVM/Flash to mobile devices and IoT - Application/OS optimizations for Flash or other NVM properties - Emerging Workloads (Cognitive, BigData, Analytics, Social, etc.) for Flash/NVM - Workload characterization for NVM/Flash devices - SSD caching techniques - Acceleration techniques for Flash Storage and NVM technologies - Hybrid SSD technologies


Title:22nd International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems
Abstract Deadline:2016-08-08
Submission Deadline:2016-08-15
Dates:Apr 8-12, 2017
Location:Xi'an, China
ASPLOS is the premier forum for multidisciplinary systems research spanning computer architecture, programming languages and compilers, and operating systems. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to: • emerging platforms at all scales, from embedded to cloud • heterogeneous multicore architectures and accelerators • systems for enabling parallelism at an extreme scale • non-traditional computing systems • systems that address social, educational, and environmental challenges • programming models and compilation for existing and emerging platforms • managing, storing, and computing on big data • virtualization • memory and storage technologies and architectures • power, energy, and thermal management • security, reliability, and availability • verification and testing, and their impact on design



Title:17th International Network Strategy and Planning Symposium
Submission Deadline:2016-08-15
Dates:September, 26-28, 2016
Location:Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The prime focus of Networks 2016 is on new challenges in network design, planning, management and operations. These challenges are induced by several recent technological developments such as: Software Defined Networking (SDN), Cloud Networking, Big Data Networking, omnipresent virtualization of resources leading to Virtual Networks Operations (VNO), as well as the increased diversity of overlaid large-scale infrastructures (Smart Cities, Smart Grid, Internet of Things). Some of these issues will be also addressed by keynote speakers from Ciena, Ericsson, GENI (Global Environment for Network Innovations), SAVI (NSERC Strategic Network for Smart Applications on Virtual Infrastructures) and Accenture (Communication, Media and Technology operating unit)


Title:20th International Conference on Principles of Distributed Systems
Abstract Deadline:2016-08-15
Submission Deadline:2016-08-22
Dates:12, 13-16, 2016
Location:Madrid, Spain
OPODIS solicits papers in all aspects of distributed systems, including theory, specification, design, performance and system building. OPODIS now covers the whole range between the theoretical aspects and practical implementations. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: • Design and analysis of distributed algorithms • Synchronization, concurrent algorithms, shared and transactional memory • Design and analysis of concurrent and distributed data structures • Communication networks (protocols, architectures, services, applications) • High-performance, cluster, cloud and grid computing • Mesh and ad-hoc networks (wireless, mobile, sensor), location and context-aware systems • Mobile agents, robots, and rendezvous • Internet applications, social systems, peer-to-peer and overlay networks • Distributed operating systems, middleware, and distributed database systems • Programming languages, formal methods, specification and verification applied to distributed systems • Embedded and energy-efficient distributed systems • Distributed event processing • Distributed storage and file systems, large-scale systems, and big data analytics • Dependable distributed algorithms and systems • Self-stabilization, self-organization, autonomy • Security and privacy, cryptographic protocols • Game-theory and economical aspects of distributed computing • Randomization in distributed computing • Biological distributed algorithms


SysTEX '16

Title:1st Workshop on System Software for Trusted Execution
Abstract Deadline:2016-08-19
Submission Deadline:2016-08-26
Dates:December 12-16, 2016
Location:Trento, Italy
With the advent of novel hardware extensions that enable fine-grained and flexible trusted execution, appropriate system software needs to be provided to make these features conveniently accessible to application developers. The 1st Workshop on System Software for Trusted Execution will focus on system software and middleware that puts novel hardware for trusted execution (e.g. Intel SGX) in use and highlights how possible additional hardware features will enable the implementation of trustworthy systems.


CAN 2016

Title:Cloud Assisted Networking Workshop, Co-located with CoNEXT 2016
Submission Deadline:2016-08-21
Dates:December 12, 2016
Location:Irvine, CA, USA
Virtualization of network functions and software-defined networking have been revolutionizing both the network control and data planes. As cloud platforms are becoming closer and more ubiquitously available, offloading network functionality to cloud platforms becomes feasible. This increased flexibility encourages us to reconsider how network functions should be implemented and where they should reside. This workshop aims to bring together researchers working to integrate cloud resources and network components to solve complex problems including: - Caching with cloud platforms - Cloud-assisted filtering, routing, load balancing and security - Economics of cloud-assisted networking - Edge clouds and fog computing - Energy-efficient networking using clouds - Network resilience using clouds - Inter- and Intra-domain optimizations using clouds - Mobile data management with cloud support - Multi-cloud designs for NFV and SDN - Network measurement using clouds - Service chaining using clouds


IC2E 2017

Title:5th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering
Abstract Deadline:2016-08-29
Submission Deadline:2016-09-05
Dates:April, 4-7, 2017
Location:Vancouver, Canada
The 5th IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E) seeks to provide a high-quality and comprehensive forum, where researchers and practitioners can exchange information on engineering principles, enabling technologies, and practical experiences related to cloud computing. By bringing together experts that work on different levels of the cloud stack - systems, storage, networking, platforms, databases, and applications, IC2E offers an end-to-end view on the challenges and technologies in cloud computing, fosters research that addresses the interaction between different layers of the stack, and ultimately helps shape the future of cloud-transformed business and society. We seek high-quality submissions for both a research track and an industrial track, as described in the call for papers below.



Title:Workshop on Data and Algorithmic Transparency
Submission Deadline:2016-09-09
Dates:November 19, 2016
Location:Columbia University, New York, NY
DAT'16 is being organized to bring together researchers and industry practitioners who are interested in increasing understanding and transparency of large-scale data collection, and the systems and algorithms that it powers. We aim to attract attendees from a variety of areas, including networked systems, privacy, security, economics, and HCI. We particularly encourage papers that propose new research directions, have practical impact, or could generate lively debate at the workshop. Accepted papers will be made available on the workshop website; however, the workshop's proceedings can be considered non-archival, meaning contributors are free to publish their work in archival journals or conferences.

EWSN 2017

Title:International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks 2017
Abstract Deadline:2016-09-12
Submission Deadline:2016-09-19
Dates:02, 20-22, 2017
Location:Uppsala, Sweden
The International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks (EWSN) is a highly selective single-track international conference focusing on premier research results at the intersection of embedded systems and wireless networking - an area of highest relevance for visionary technologies such as the Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems as well as applications such as Industry 4.0, Smart Production, Smart Cities, and Connected Cars.


Title:6th International Conference on Sensor Networks
Submission Deadline:2016-10-07
Dates:February, 19-21, 2017
Location:Porto, Portugal
This conference intends to be the meeting point of researchers and practitioners to share experiences and ideas on innovative developments in any aspect of sensor networks, including Hardware of Sensor Networks, Wireless Communication Protocols, Sensor Networks Software and Architectures, Wireless Information Networks, Data Manipulation, Signal Processing, Localization and Object Tracking through Sensor Networks, Obstacles, Applications and Uses. Conference Areas 1. Sensor Networks Software, Architectures and Applications 2. Wireless Sensor Networks 3. Energy and Environment 4. Intelligent Data Analysis and Processing 5. Security and Privacy in Sensor Networks Keynote Lectures Nancy Cam-Winget, Cisco Systems, United States Nirwan Ansari, New Jersey Institute of Technology, United States


EuroSys 2017

Title:The European Systems Conference
Abstract Deadline:2016-10-14
Submission Deadline:2016-10-21
Dates:April, 23-26, 2017
Location:Belgrade, Serbia
The EuroSys conference series brings together professionals from academia and industry. It has a strong focus on systems research and development: operating systems, data base systems, real-time systems and middleware for networked, distributed, parallel, or embedded computing systems. EuroSys has become a premier forum for discussing various issues of systems software research and development, including implications related to hardware and applications.


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