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Title:Network and Operating System Support for Digital Audio and Video
Deadline: 13-Jan-2002
Conference: May 12-14, 2002
The 12th International NOSSDAV Workshop brings together researchers, developers, and practitioners from academia and industry to present and discuss new ideas and future directions in networking and operating systems support for multimedia. Submissions are sought in network and OS related areas including, but not limited to: ubiquitous multimedia services, peer-to-peer multimedia services, internet telephony, broadband streaming media content distribution, 3D multimedia and (networked) immersive environments, real-time interactive streaming services, interactive network games, wireless/ad-hoc network multimedia systems, multimedia information appliances and consumer devices, multimedia QoS, multimedia caching, collaborative conferencing, digital libraries

Title:ACM SIGCOMM 2002 Conference
Deadline: 25-Jan-2002
Conference: SIGCOMM 2002, August 19-23, 2002
The annual SIGCOMM 2002 conference will be held in Pittsburgh, PA, Aug 19-23, 2002. The conferences invites paper submissions in all areas of networking. The conferene will be preceded by two days of tutorials and workshops. The deadline for paper submission is February 1, 2002, but abstracts have to be registered by January 25, 2002. More details can be found on the conference web site:

Title:Conference on File Systems and Storage Technologies
Deadline: 28-Jan-2002
Conference: January 28-30, 2002
The FAST conference brings together the top storage systems researchers and practitioners to explore the design, implementation, and uses of storage systems. FAST will be the successor to IOPADS, which for several years was the top conference dedicated to parallel and distributed I/O systems. FAST will consist of 2.5 days of technical presentations, including refereed papers, invited talks, and an introductory keynote address. Work-in-progress presentations and informal Birds-of-a-Feather sessions will round out the conference experience allowing attendees to meet respected colleagues and provide valuable feedback. Register early and SAVE! FAST is sponsored by USENIX, in cooperation with ACM/SIGOPS and IEEE TCOS.

Title:International Symposium on Computer Performance Modeling, Measurement and Evaluation
Deadline: 24-Mar-2002
Conference: September 22-27, 2002
Performance2002 conference solicits superior papers on the development and application of state-of-the-art analytic, simulation, and measurement-based performance evaluation techniques. Of particular interest this year is work that applies performance evaluation methodologies to design and evaluation issues in important new areas such as: Internet and Web performance, Web server software and architecture performance, active networks, content distribution networks, network and server QoS, and security. Papers that advance the state-of-the-art in evaluation methods or that creatively apply methods to system design issues are also solicited.

Title:EMSOFT 2002 WORKSHOP - First Call For Papers
Deadline: 15-Apr-2002
Conference: EMSOFT 2002 WORKSHOP - Grenoble, France, October, 7-9, 2002.
EMSOFT '02 is the second in a series of workshops on Embedded Software. Topics of interest include: System design and integration methodologies, Programming languages and software engineering, Operating systems and middleware, Architectures and compilers, Models of computation and formal methods, Scheduling and execution time analysis, Communication protocols and fault tolerance, Applications, such as embedded control and multimedia. 


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