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    * MINIXCon 20162016-01-10
    * WSOS 20162016-01-14
    SENSORNETS 20162016-01-26
    DisCoTec 20162016-02-01
    * DEBS 20162016-02-22
    SYSTOR 20162016-03-11
    Networks 20162016-04-04
    * JSA (Special Issue)2016-04-20

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    Fellowships in ACM History and the ACM Workshop on Oral History

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MINIXCon 2016


Title:The 1st MINIX Conference
Proposal deadline:2015-12-20 (expired)
Registration Deadline:2016-01-10
Dates:Fabruary 1, 2016
Location:Amsterdam, Netherlands
MINIX has been around now for about 30 years, so it is (finally) time for the MINIXers to have a conference to get together, just as Linuxers and BSDers have been doing for a long time. The idea is to exchange ideas and experiences among MINIX 3 developers and users as well as discussing possible paths forward now that the ERC funding is over. Future developments will now be done like in any other volunteer-based open-source project. Increasing community involvement is a key issue here.


WSOS 2016

Title:Winter School on Operating Systems
Registration deadline:2016-01-14
Submission Deadline:2016-01-22
Dates:February, 22-26, 2016
Location:Graz, Austria
Contact Email:wsos(at)
Computer systems are ubiquitous in our daily life. They can be found in our private environment and in commercial systems such as industrial plants or server farms. Others are embedded into vehicles and medical devices, or control important infrastructure for communication, power supply, traffic, etc. Since we entrust these systems our personal sensitive data and sometimes also our lives, they have to be dependable under any circumstance and in every possible situation. Therefore, we invite researchers and PhD students to discuss and present their work in the area of “System Software for Dependable Computing”


Title:5th International Conference on Sensor Networks
Full Papers Deadline:2015-10-14 (expired)
Registration Deadline:2016-01-26
Dates:Fabruary, 19-21, 2016
Location:Rome, Italy
Current developments show that in the near future the wide availability of low cost, short range radio technology, along with advances in wireless networking, will enable wireless adhoc sensor networks to become commonly deployed. In these networks, each node may be equipped with a variety of sensors, such as acoustic, seismic, infrared, motion, biomedical and chemical sensors with higher level of information inference associated with identification, embedded signal processing and networking of the data. This conference intends to be the meeting point of researchers and practitioners to share experiences and ideas on innovative developments in any aspect of sensor networks, including Hardware of Sensor Networks, Wireless Communication Protocols, Sensor Networks Software and Architectures, Wireless Information Networks, Data Manipulation, Signal Processing, Localization and Object Tracking through Sensor Networks, Obstacles, Applications and Uses.

Papers describing original work are invited in any of the areas listed below. Accepted papers, presented at the conference by one of the authors, will be published in the proceedings of SENSORNETS. Acceptance will be based on quality, relevance and originality. There will be both oral and poster sessions.

Special sessions, dedicated to case-studies and commercial presentations, as well as technical tutorials, dedicated to technical/scientific topics, are also envisaged: companies interested in presenting their products/methodologies or researchers interested in presenting a demo or lecturing a tutorial are invited to contact the conference secretariat.

DisCoTec 2016

Title:11th International Federated Conferences on Distributed Computing Techniques
Abstract Deadline:2016-02-01
Submission Deadline:2016-02-08
Dates:June, 6-9, 2016
Location:Heraklion, Crete, Greece
The DisCoTec series of federated conferences is one of the major events sponsored by the International Federation for Information processing (IFIP). The main conferences are COORDINATION, DAIS and FORTE. The conferences focus on all aspects of distributed and concurrent systems, including theory, models, tools, applications and software techonologies for such systems. All conferences share the same deadlines. This year IFIP offers an award for the best paper of DisCoTec.


Title:3rd Workshop on CrossCloud Infrastructures & Platforms
Submission Deadline:2016-02-08
Dates:April 18-21, 2016
Location:London, UK
CrossCloud is an international workshop series that aims to bring to light several issues related to cross-cloud systems: cloud federation, multi-cloud architectures, cross-cloud applications, and hybrid clouds. CrossCloud aims to attract researchers from both academia and industry to share and discuss their recent research and experiences in designing and operating multiple cloud systems. Work in this area extends over various topics including cross-cloud resource management, monitoring, service migration, API interoperability, portability, policy enforcement, benefit–cost analysis, and fault mitigation.


DEBS 2016

Title:The 10th ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-Based Systems
Abstract Deadline:2016-02-22
Submission Deadline:2016-02-27
Dates:June, 20-24, 2016
Location:Irvine, CA, USA
CALL FOR PAPERS 10th ACM International Conference on Distributed Event-Based Systems, ACM DEBS 2016 Irvine, CA, USA, June 20-24 2016 Over the past decade, the ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event- based Systems (DEBS) has become the premier venue for contributions in the fields of distributed and event-based systems. The objectives of the ACM International Conference on Distributed and Event-Based Systems (DEBS) are to provide a forum dedicated to the dissemination of original research, the discussion of practical insights, and the reporting of experiences relevant to distributed systems and event-based computing. The conference aims at providing a forum for academia and industry to exchange ideas through industry papers and demo papers. Submission Dates: Abstract submission for research track: Feb 22nd, 2016 Research and industry paper submission: Feb 27th, 2016 Tutorial proposal submission: Mar 7th, 2016 Grand Challenge solution submission: Mar 30th, 2016 Author notification: Apr 18th, 2016 Poster, demo, doctoral symposium submission: Apr 30th, 2016 Camera ready submission: May 6th, 2016


Title:9th ACM International Systems and Storage Conference
Submission Deadline:2016-03-11
Dates:June 6-8, 2016
Location:Haifa, Israel
SYSTOR provides a forum for interaction across the systems and storage community: international, academic, and industrial, for both students and more established members. We solicit high-quality experimental and practical research papers encompassing all aspects of computer systems. Research papers will be published by the ACM. In addition to research papers, SYSTOR hosts distinguished keynote speakers, highlighted papers from recent top conferences, a poster session, and social and cultural activities. SYSTOR 2016 will be held in Haifa from June 6 to 8, 2016.

Networks 2016

Title:Networks 2016 - 17th International Network Strategy and Planning Symposium
Submission Deadline:2016-04-04
Dates:September, 26-28, 2016
Location:ÉTS Building A (main) 1100, rue Notre-Dame Ouest (south of Peel), Montreal (Quebec) H3C 1K3
The prime focus of Networks 2016 is on Emerging Topics in Network Planning and Operations: •  Software Defined Networking (SDN), •  Network Function Virtualization (NFV), •  Cloud networking, •  Big data analytics, •  Cybersecurity issues and solutions, •  OTT services and impact on service providers, •  Social networks and impact on new services, •  Vehicular and 5G networks and their challenges, •  Smart cities, •  Internet of Things, •  Peer to peer networking, •  New paradigms.   Networks 2016 topics also cover (but are not limited to) the following main tracks (detailed topics are available at : - Network Design and Planning Methods - Economic Aspects of Network Planning and Operations - Network Planning Support Processes - Traffic Measurements and Modelling - Routing, Traffic Flows and Optimization   For further information please visit


JSA (Special Issue)

Title:Journal of Systems Architecture: Special Issue on Reliable Software Technologies for Dependable Distributed Systems
Submission Deadline:2016-04-20
Location:Journal of Systems Architecture (Elsevier)
This special issue calls for contributions on design and implementation of dependable systems. Software intensive dependable systems design and implementation models that efficiently manage the platform resources. Contributions on the selection and evaluation of distributed interaction models for middleware, software technology choices, model-based design including accurate though flexible temporal behavior modeling, resource efficiency, performance, scalability, and coordination are requested. Contributions may focus at the different levels of the software stack of a reliable system: operating systems, middleware, programming models, security, and related mechanisms to enhance the flexibility and reliability.


Title:Fellowships in ACM History and the ACM Workshop on Oral History
* 2016 Fellowships in ACM History

The ACM History Committee supports research projects related to ACM’s professional and educational activities and its rich institutional history including conferences, publications, and SIG activities.

We will support up to four research projects with awards of up to $4,000 each. Successful candidates may be of any rank, from graduate students through senior researchers.

Important Dates:
- Proposal deadline: February 1, 2016

* The 2016 ACM Workshop on Oral History

The ACM History Committee is sponsoring an oral history workshop to help diffuse knowledge of professional oral history practices into ACM’s membership and others with an active interest in preserving our computing heritage through the medium of oral histories. The ACM History Committee will fund travel, hotel and meals for accepted invitees.

Important Dates:
- Proposal deadline: January 15, 2016

The workshop will be held May 12-13, 2016 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.


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