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Title:3rd Workshop on Real, Large Distributed Systems (WORLDS '06)
Submission Deadline:2006-07-07
Dates:November 5, 2006
Location:Seattle, WA, USA
WORLDS '06 will bring together people who are exploring the new challenges of building widely-distributed networked systems and who lean toward the "rough consensus and running code" school of systems building. Workshop means the emphasis is on focused, fresh ideas and experience. Real means that the workshop will concentrate on systems designed to run on a real platform for a long period of time. Large refers to the numeric and geographic dimensions of the system. WORLDS emphasizes the specific challenges that system designers and researchers must address to run software over a wide area.



Title:2nd ACM International Workshop on Storage Security & Survivability
Submission Deadline:2006-07-14
Dates:October 30, 2006
Location:Alexandria, Virginia, USA
The 2nd ACM International Workshop on Storage Security and Survivability (StorageSS 2006) will bring together researchers in storage systems and computer security. (StorageSS will be co-located with the 2006 ACM CCS.) We encourage paper submissions from both research and industry presenting novel ideas on all theoretical and practical aspects of protecting storage systems. We accept full papers (12 pages) as well as short papers (6 pages). Submission deadline is 7/14/2006; author notifications will be sent by 8/7/2006 (yes, just three weeks later). See <> for a full CFP and more details.

HotDep 2006

Title:Second Workshop on Hot Topics in System Dependability (HotDep'06)
Submission Deadline:2006-07-15
Dates:November 8, 2006
Location:Seattle, WA, USA
The goal of HotDep '06 is to bring forth cutting-edge research ideas spanning the domains of fault tolerance/reliability and systems. HotDep will center on critical components of the infrastructures touching our everyday lives: operating systems, networking, security, wide-area and enterprise-scale distributed systems, mobile computing, compilers, and language design. We seek participation and contributions from both academic researchers and industry practitioners to achieve a mix of long-range research vision and technology ideas anchored in immediate reality.



Title:International Workshop on Software Support for Portable Storage
Submission Deadline:2006-07-24
Dates:October, 26, 2006
Location:Seoul, Korea
After a successful first event in San Francisco in March 2005, this 2nd International Workshop on Software Support for Portable Storage will continue to provide a forum to present and discuss new ideas, new research directions and to review current trends in the area of software support for portable storage. New emerging storage media such as Flash memory require extensive software support for higher performance, lower power, and value-added functionalities. The goal of this workshop is to bring together people from industry and academia who are interested in all aspects of software support for portable storage.

HotNets V

Title:5th Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks
Submission Deadline:2006-08-11
Dates:November 29-30, 2006
Location:Irvine, CA, USA
The Fifth Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks, HotNets-V, will bring together researchers in the networking systems community to engage in lively discussion of future trends in networking research and technology. The workshop will provide a venue for researchers to present and discuss ideas that have the potential to significantly impact the community in the long term; its goal is to promote community-wide discussions of those ideas.


EuroSys 2007

Title:2nd European Conference on Computer Systems (EuroSys'07)
Abstract Deadline:2006-09-09
Submission Deadline:2006-09-16
Dates:March 21-23, 2007
Location:Lisbon, Portugal
EuroSys 2007 seeks papers on all aspects of computer systems, especially ones that cross the divide between areas. Contributions are welcome from all areas of operating systems and distributed systems. Papers may report on: (1) The design, implementation, evaluation and deployment of such systems. (2) New ideas: a session is reserved for "idea" papers, held to less stringent standards of system evaluation. (3) Experience with earlier concepts: a session is reserved for experience papers, for which depth of evaluation is paramount, and novelty less important. Authors may designate their paper for one of these sessions, but need not to.



Title:11th Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems (HotOS XI)
Submission Deadline:2007-01-04
Dates:May 7-9, 2007
Location:San Diego, CA, USA
HotOS XI will bring together people conducting innovative work in the systems area for three days of interaction, with all attendees being active participants and contributors throughout the workshop. Continuing the HotOS tradition, this workshop will be a place to present and discuss new ideas about computer systems and how technological advances and new applications are shaping our computational infrastructure. We request submissions of position papers that propose new directions of research, advocate nontraditional approaches to old (or new) ideas, or generate insightful discussion. We particularly look for position papers containing highly original ideas.

Title:  ACM SIGOPS Mark Weiser Award Call for Nominations

The Mark Weiser Award, created in 2001 by ACM SIGOPS, is given annually to an individual who has demonstrated creativity and innovation in operating systems research. The award is named in honor of Mark Weiser, a computing visionary recognized for his research accomplishments during his career at Xerox PARC.

The selection committee will choose the recipient based on: "contributions that are highly creative, innovative, and possibly high-risk, in keeping with the visionary spirit of Mark Weiser." The recipient must have begun his or her career no earlier than 20 years prior to nomination.

ACM SIGOPS presents a $1000 prize to the recipient in memory of Mark and his many contributions to SIGOPS and the operating systems community. The 2006 award will be announced and presented at the OSDI conference in November in Seattle.

Nominations and supporting letters should be sent to Doug Terry, the committee chair, via e-mail ( by September 1, 2006.

Please see
for detailed nomination procedures, a list of previous award winners, and the award committee members.


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