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    SPC 20152015-07-03
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    INFLOW 20152015-07-15
    ICMC 20152015-07-16
    * ICDCN 20162015-07-24
    * HotPower2015-07-26
    ICISS 20152015-07-29
    * EWiLi 20152015-07-31
    * ASPLOS 20162015-08-05
    * TCI-Svc2015-09-01
    PPoPP 20162015-09-04
    * EWSN 20162015-09-21
    * EuroSys 20162015-10-16

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Title:Eighth Workshop on Programming Languages and Operating Systems
Submission Deadline:2015-07-03
Dates:October, 4, 2015
Location:Monterey, California, USA
PLOS'15 will be hosted at the 25th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP'15). The PLOS workshop has the tradition of bringing together researchers and developers from the programming language and operating system domains to discuss recent work at the intersection of these fields. It will be a platform for discussing new visions, challenges, experiences, problems, and solutions arising from the application of advanced programming and software engineering concepts to operating systems construction, and vice versa. We welcome research, experience, and position papers; papers describing industrial experience are particularly encouraged.

SPC 2015

Title:First Workshop on Security and Privacy in the Cloud
Submission Deadline:2015-07-03
Dates:September 30, 2015
Location:Florence, Italy
SPC 2015 will be held in Florence, Italy, in conjunction with the IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (CNS 2015). The goal of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners who are interested in discussing the security, privacy, and data protection issues emerging in cloud scenarios, and possible solutions to them.


WESS 2015

Title:10-th Workshop on Embedded Systems Security (WESS'15) - ESWEEK Workshop
Submission Deadline:2015-07-03
Dates:October, 8, 2015
Location:Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Embedded computing systems are continuously adopted in numerous application areas and are responsible for a large number of safety-critical systems and for the management of critical information. The advent of the Internet-of-Things introduces a large number of security issues: the Internet can be used to attack embedded systems and vice versa. Embedded systems are vulnerable to many attacks not relevant to servers because they are physically accessible. WESS will address the range of problems related to embedded system security and especially topics unique to embedded systems. The workshop will provide proceedings and will encourage discussion and debate about embedded systems security.

Elsevier D2D

Title:Elsevier PHYCOM Special Issue on D2D-based Offloading Techniques
Submission Deadline:2015-07-06
Dates:12, 1, 2015
Location:Elsevier PHYCOM journal
This special issue will focus on theoretical research contributions presenting new techniques, concepts or analyses, and applied contributions reporting on experiences and experiments with D2D-based offloading systems. In particular, within the general framework of D2D communications and cellular offloading, we solicit manuscripts that present original and previously unpublished work on topics including, but not limited to, the following: PHY/MAC architectures; Opportunistic offloading; Opportunistic medium access; Spectrum management; Resource optimization; Energy minimization; Security and privacy; Interference management; Coding and decoding methods; MAC protocol coexistence; Scheduling; HetNets; M2M communications; Vehicular communications; Content distribution architectures.

TRIOS 2015

Title:3rd Conference On Timely Results in Operating Systems (TRIOS)
Submission Deadline:2015-07-06
Dates:October, 4, 2015
Location:Monterey, CA, USA
TRIOS is being held in conjunction with SOSP. SOSP has an outstanding reputation based, in part, on its low acceptance rate. But many good papers are rejected, with publication delayed by months or years. TRIOS is a venue for such papers to be published in a more timely manner, benefiting the authors and the community. TRIOS accepts submissions directly from authors (deadline:5/26) and SOSP transfers (deadline:7/6). Direct submissions are reviewed by the TRIOS program committee. SOSP transfers, i.e. submissions of SOSP rejects, are not re-reviewed except in special cases; instead, the TRIOS committee makes acceptance decisions based on SOSP reviews.


Title:Third Workshop on Interactions of Nvm/FLash with Operating-systems and Workloads (INFLOW 2015)
Submission Deadline:2015-07-15
Dates:October 4, 2015
Location:Monterey, California, USA
The goal of INFLOW'15 is to bring together researchers and practitioners working in systems, across the hardware/software stack, who are interested in the potential of new storage technologies to change operating systems and applications. Topics of interest include but are not limited to acceleration , applications, algorithms, abstractions, virtualization, optimization, and characterization of Flash and NVM storage, operating system interfaces to such storage, and applications which stand to benefit from high-performance or novel I/O architectures.

ICMC 2015

Title:The second International Conference on Mathematics and Computing
Submission Deadline:2015-07-16
Dates:01, 05-10, 2015
Location:Haldia, India
The second International Conference on Mathematics and Computing (ICMC 2015) will be held on January 05-10, 2015 in Haldia, India. You can find more information at General Co-Chairs: P. K. Saxena, SAG, DRDO, Delhi, India; P. D. Srivastava,IIT Kharagpur, India. Workshop Chair: Peeyush Chandra, Professor, IIT Kanpur, India. Program Co-Chairs: Ram N. Mohapatra, University of Central Florida, USA; Dipanwita Roy Chowdhury,IIT Kharagpur, India; Debasis Giri, Haldia Institute of Technology, India.


ICDCN 2016

Title:International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking
Submission Deadline:2015-07-24
Dates:January, 4-7, 2016
Now in its 17th edition, ICDCN is a premier international conference dedicated to addressing advances in Distributed Computing and Communication Networks. As in the past, ICDCN 2016 will be organized in two tracks: Distributed Computing and Networking, and will comprise a highly selective technical program consisting of refereed concise papers, panel discussions as well as focused workshops on emerging topics. Conference papers are expected to be published in the ACM Digital Library. Submission and formatting instructions, as well as relevant deadlines, are available at the ICDCN Website.



Title:2015 Workshop on Power-Aware Computing and Systems
Submission Deadline:2015-07-26
Dates:October, 4, 2015
Location:Monterey, CA, USA
HotPower provides a forum to present the latest research and to debate directions, challenges, and novel ideas about building energy-efficient systems, including both traditional platforms ranging from smartphones to datacenters, and emerging platforms such as implantable devices and Internet of Things (IoT). The workshop seeks submissions of early-stage research and novel ideas that will generate interesting discussion, e.g., unconventional, promising ideas with early results. Submissions about first-hand experience, lessons, challenges and problems from building and operating real-world systems are also welcome.

ICISS 2015

Title:11th International Conference on Information Systems Security
Submission Deadline:2015-07-29
Dates:December, 16-20, 2015
Location:Kolkata, India
The conference series ICISS (International Conference on Information Systems Security), held annually, provides a forum for disseminating latest research results in information and systems security. ICISS 2015, the eleventh conference in this series, will be held under the aegis of the Society for Research in Information Security and Privacy (SRISP). The acceptance ratio of the first ten conferences has averaged less than 30%. Like previous years, proceedings of the conference will be published as part of the Springer Verlag series of Lecture Notes in Computer Science.


EWiLi 2015

Title:The 5th Embedded Operating Systems Workshop
Submission Deadline:2015-07-31
Dates:October, 8, 2015
Location:Ansterdam, The Netherlands
EWiLi is organized in conjunction with the Embedded System Week ( All accepted papers will be published in the ACM SIGBED Review (ISSN: 1551-3688) Special Interest Group on Embedded Systems. EWiLi, the embedded operating system workshop, aims at presenting state-of-the-art research, experimentations, significant and original realizations that focus on the design and implementation of embedded operating systems in both academic and industrial worlds. Expected contributions include but are not limited to the following topics , see for more details.



Title:21th International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS'16)
Abstract Deadline:2015-08-05
Submission Deadline:2015-08-12
Dates:April, 2-6, 2016
Location:Atlanta, GA, USA
ASPLOS is the premier forum for multidisciplinary systems research spanning computer architecture and hardware, programming languages and compilers, operating systems and networking, as well as applications and user interfaces. The 2016 conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia. ASPLOS 2016 invites papers on ground-breaking research at the intersection of at least two ASPLOS disciplines: architecture, programming languages, operating systems, and related areas. Non-traditional topics are especially encouraged. The research may target diverse goals such as performance, energy and thermal efficiency, resiliency, security, and sustainability. The review process will be sensitive to the challenges of multidisciplinary work in emerging areas.



Title:Call for nominations: IEEE TCI Distinguished Service Award
Submission Deadline:2015-09-01
Location:Washington, DC
The IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on the Internet has established a Distinguished Service Award and solicits nominations for its inaugural award.

PPoPP 2016

Title:ACM PPoPP 2016: 21st ACM SIGPLAN Annual Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming
Abstract Deadline:2015-09-04
Submission Deadline:2015-09-11
Dates:March 12-16, 2016
Location:Barcelona, Spain
PPoPP is a forum for leading work on all aspects of parallel programming, including theoretical foundations, techniques, languages, compilers, runtime systems, tools, and practical experience. PPoPP is particularly interested in work that addresses new parallel workloads, techniques, and tools that attempt to improve the productivity of parallel programming, and work towards improved synergy with such emerging architectures.


EWSN 2016

Title:International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks
Submission Deadline:2015-09-21
Dates:February, 15-17, 2016
Location:Graz, Austria
The International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks (EWSN) is a highly selective single-track international conference focussing on premier research results at the intersection of embedded systems and wireless networking - an area of highest relevance for visionary technologies such as the Internet of Things or Cyber-Physical Systems and application domains such as Smart Production, Smart Cities, or Connected Cars. The featured topic of the 2016 edition of EWSN is "Dependability" and we specifically welcome contributions that aim at making networked embedded systems more reliable, predictable, safe, and secure in order to enable critical applications that require guaranteed performance.


EuroSys 2016

Title:EuroSys 2016
Abstract Deadline:2015-10-16
Submission Deadline:2015-10-23
Dates:April, 18-21, 2016
Location:London, United Kingdom
EuroSys 2016 seeks papers on all areas of computer systems research, including, but not limited to: Big data analytics frameworks; Cloud computing and data center systems; Database systems; Dependable systems; Distributed systems; File and storage systems; Language support and runtime systems; Mobile and pervasive systems; Networked systems; Operating systems; Parallelism, concurrency, and multicore systems; Real-time, embedded, and cyber-physical systems; Secure systems, privacy and anonymity preserving systems; Tracing, analysis, and transformation of systems; Virtualization systems. Abstract submission deadline is October 16, 2015; Full paper submission deadline is October 23, 2015; Notification to authors is on January 29, 2016.


Title:SIGOPS HoF Award, Mark Weiser Award, Dennis M. Ritchie Award

*Deadline: July 1st, 2015*

The Dennis M. Ritchie Doctoral Dissertation Award was created in
2013 by ACM SIGOPS to recognize research in software systems and
to encourage the creativity that Dennis Ritchie embodied,
providing a reminder of Ritchie's legacy and what a difference
one person can make in the field of software systems research.
The first award was presented at the 24th ACM Symposium on
Operating Systems Principles, 2013. This will be an annual award
presented in alternating years at SOSP and OSDI.


Each year, a department is allowed to nominate one Ph.D. thesis
produced in that department. The nomination must be made by the
chair of the department and must be accompanied by three supporting
letters from researchers in the field, clearly specifying the
contributions of the thesis and the potential impact on software
systems. (If the department chair is the thesis advisor of the
nominee, then another senior faculty member in the department must
make the nomination.) The thesis must have been defended successfully
at most two years before the conference at which the award will be
presented. An English-language version of the thesis must accompany
the nomination. The Award Committee will determine if the thesis is
within scope for the award. The thesis may be nominated simultaneously
for other awards, such as the ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award.


The SIGOPS Dennis M. Ritchie Doctoral Dissertation Award is accompanied
by a prize of $2,000. Financial sponsorship of the award is provided by
SIGOPS, Bell Labs Alcatel-Lucent, and AT&T Labs Research.

*Submission Procedure*

Please see
for detailed nomination procedures and a list of previous
award winners.

Call for Nomination: SIGOPS Mark Weiser Awards
The Mark Weiser Award was created in 2001 by ACM SIGOPS, to be
given to an individual who has demonstrated creativity and
innovation in operating systems research. The recipient must have
begun his or her career no earlier than 20 years prior to

The award is named in honor of Mark Weiser, a computing visionary
recognized for his research accomplishments during his career at
Xerox PARC. ACM SIGOPS will present a $1000 prize to the
recipient, in memory of Mark and his many contributions to SIGOPS
and the operating systems community. The award will be given
annually at SOSP and OSDI.

The selection committee will choose the recipient based on:
"contributions that are highly creative, innovative, and possibly
high-risk, in keeping with the visionary spirit of Mark Weiser."

Nominations are due August 1st, 2015.  Please see
for detailed nomination procedures, a list of previous
award winners, and a list of award-committee members.

Call for Nomination: SIGOPS Hall of Fame Awards

We are requesting nominations for the SIGOPS Hall of Fame Award as part of 
the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of SIGOPS at SOSP 2015.

Per request of SIGOPS, which has adopted new rules for the HoF award (see, the anniversary selection is 
a "catch up" selection: it will complete the selection of the most influential 
papers of the past fifty years of operating systems research. Starting from 
OSDI 2016, the selection of HoF papers will be restricted to papers that 
appeared 10-11 years previously.  The selection for the anniversary will 
complete the selection papers published through SOSP 2005.

The selection committee consists of 
Peter Druschel (MPI), 
Gernot Heiser (NICTA), 
Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau (Wisconsin), 
Butler Lampson (Microsoft), 
Barbara Liskov (MIT), 
Jeff Mogul (Google), 
Mendel Rosenblum (Stanford), 
Willy Zwaenepoel (EFPL), 
and is co-chaired by 
Hank Levy (Washington, co-chair) 
Frans Kaashoek (MIT, co-chair).

Any SIGOPS member can nominate a paper. Any paper nominated in the past but not
 selected is automatically considered for selection.

Please send nominations via email to on or before 
July 1, 2015. 
Please provide the full citation information for the paper being nominated 
(or a URL to the ACM DL), and a brief statement describing the reasons for 
the nomination. 
The Subject line of the email message should include the title of the nominated paper.

The awards will be presented at SOSP'15, October 4-7, 2015 in Monterey, California, USA.

For more information about the SIGOPS Hall of Fame award, please visit:


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