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SASO 2007

Title:Call for Participation: First IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems
Abstract Deadline:2007-05-21
Submission Deadline:2007-07-09
Dates:July 9-11, 2007
Location:Boston, Mass, USA
Call for Participation The complexity of current computer systems has led the software engineering, distributed systems and management communities to look for inspiration in diverse fields to find new ways of designing and managing networks, systems and services. In this endeavor, self-organization and self-adaptation have emerged as two promising facets of a paradigm shift. Contributions should present novel theoretical results, or practical experience with building systems, tools, frameworks, etc. Contributions contrasting different approaches for engineering a given family of systems, or demonstrating the applicability of a certain approach for different systems are particularly encouraged.

StorageSS 2007

Title:Storage Security and Survivability 2007
Submission Deadline:2007-06-08
Dates:October 29, 2007
Location:Alexandria, VA
The 3rd Storage Security and Survivability Workshop invites short (2-6 pages) papers on the subject of storage reliabilty, repair, security, and related topics. This year we include a special emphasis on bringing together research, industry, and the open source community. Suggestions for invited talks and panels are also welcome. The workshop is co-located with the ACM CCS conference in Alexandria, Virginia.

MobiSys 2007

Title:The 5th International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services
Submission Deadline:2007-06-11
Dates:June 11-15, 2007
Location:San Juan, Puerto Rico
Registration is now open for MobiSys 2007. We have an outstanding technical program of 22 papers selected by a TPC chaired by Gaetano Borriello and Ramon Caceres. - a Keynote Address from Willy Zwaenepoel, EPFL, "P2P, DSM, and Other Products of the Complexity Factory" - a poster/demo session chaired by Jason Flinn (due April 6) - a panel on "Cell Phones as a Research Platform: Opportunities and Pitfalls" chaired by S. Keshav - 3 workshops, MobiOpp, MobiEval, and HealthNet - NSF student travel grants best regards, -Ed Knightly (MobiSys 2007 General Chair)


Title:2nd Workshop on Embedded Systems Security
Abstract Deadline:2007-06-13
Submission Deadline:2007-06-20
Dates:October, 04, 2007
Location:Salzburg, Austria
This workshop will address the range of problems related to embedded system security. Of particular interest are security topics that are unique to embedded systems. The workshop will provide proceedings to the participants and will encourage discussion and debate. Topics of interest include but are not limited to: Security planning and provisioning for embedded systems. Security of Internet-enabled embedded systems. Power-related attacks and countermeasures. Timing-related attacks and countermeasures. Novel attacks and countermeasures. Security of sensor networks. Case studies. The best papers will be selected for publication in a special issue of the Springer Journal of Design Automation for Embedded Systems.


Title:1st Computer Security Architecture Workshop
Submission Deadline:2007-06-17
Location:Alexandria, VA, USA
The Computer Security Architecture Workshop (CSAW)--pronounced see-saw--solicits papers on security architectures, their interfaces, implementations, and implications. Architectures, whether system or application, are composed of abstractions (interfaces) and their implementations. Security Architectures are architectures which enable implementations that are resilient to an appropriate and broad-based spectrum of threats. An evaluation of a Security Architecture requires understanding these threats; the tradeoffs between different system goals, including between security and non-security goals; the long-term appropriateness of its interfaces; and the implementations it allows. The best interfaces are those that capture the most important issues, enable different implementations, and are flexible enough to adapt (or be adapted) to different threats.



Title:Second International Workshop on Critical Information Infrastructures Security (CRITIS'07)
Submission Deadline:2007-06-25
Dates:October, 3-5, 2007
Location:Benalmadena-Costa, Malaga, Spain
CRITI'07, co-sponsored by IFIP WG 11.10 on Critical Infrastructures Protection, IEEE Computer Society Task Force on Information Assurance, and Joint Research Center Ispra of the European Commission, wants to bring together researchers and professionals from universities, private companies and Public Administrations interested or involved in all security-related heterogeneous aspects of Critical Information Infrastructures. CRITIS'07 deals very varied topics as Code of Practice and Metrics, Economics on CIP or SCADA and Embedded Security.

PLOS 2007

Title:Fourth Workshop on Programming Languages and Operating Systems (PLOS 2007)
Submission Deadline:2007-06-29
Dates:October 18, 2007
Location:Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, WA, USA
Historically, operating system development and programming language development went hand-in-hand. Today, although the systems community at large retains an iron grip on C, many people continue to explore novel approaches to OS construction based on new programming language ideas. This workshop will bring together researchers and developers from the programming language and operating system domains to discuss recent work at the intersection of these fields. It will be a platform for discussing new visions, challenges, experiences, problems, and solutions arising from the application of advanced programming and software engineering concepts to operating systems construction, and vice versa.


Title:Thirteenth International Conference on Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS'08)
Abstract Deadline:2007-08-01
Submission Deadline:2007-08-07
Dates:March 1-5, 2008
Location:Seattle, WA, USA
ASPLOS is a multi-disciplinary conference for research that spans the boundaries of hardware, computer architecture, compilers, languages, operating systems, networking, and applications. ASPLOS provides a high quality forum for scientists and engineers to present their latest research findings in these rapidly changing fields. This conference occurs at a time when computer architecture is facing great challenges, due both to the end of single-processor performance scaling and to new demands imposed by mobile and gigascale computing. In addition to the main program, this upcoming ASPLOS will offer several tutorials and workshops on a variety of focus areas.

PPoPP 2008

Title:13th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming
Abstract Deadline:2007-08-13
Submission Deadline:2007-08-20
Dates:February, 20-23, 2007
Location:Salt Lake City, UT
PPoPP is a forum for leading work on all aspects of parallel programming, including foundational results, techniques, tools, and practical experience. In the context of the symposium, "parallel programming" is construed to encompass work on concurrent, multithreaded, multicore, multiprocessor, and tightly-clustered systems, but typically not wide-area distribution. Given the rise of multicore processors, PPoPP is particularly interested in work that seeks to transition parallel programming into the computing mainstream. Full details at


Virtualization@SYSTOR 2007

Title:Virtualization Workshop at Haifa Systems and Storage Conference 2007
Submission Deadline:2007-08-16
Dates:October, 29-30, 2007
Location:Haifa, Israel
IBM's Haifa Research Lab and the Technion cordially invite you to submit a paper to a full-day workshop on the subject of virtualization which will take place in Haifa, Israel, on October 29, as part of the Haifa Systems and Storage Conference 2007 (SYSTOR '07). Relevant topics include (but are not limited to!) operating system and application virtualization, hardware and programming language support for virtualization, the intersection between virtualization and parallel and distributed computing, virtual machine scheduling and resource allocation, image management, processor and architecture simulators and experiences papers.

VEE 2008

Title:2008 ACM International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments
Abstract Deadline:2007-08-27
Submission Deadline:2007-09-03
Dates:March 5-7, 2008
Location:Seattle, WA, co-located with ASPLOS 2008
The VEE conference brings together researchers and practitioners in the area of virtual execution environments for programs and systems. The conference seeks original papers on virtualization at all levels of the hardware and software stack including OS-level virtualization and virtual machines to implement programming languages. VEE 2008 will be co-located with ASPLOS 2008.



Title:The European Conference on Computer Systems
Abstract Deadline:2007-09-14
Submission Deadline:2007-09-21
Dates:April, 1-4, 2008
Location:Glasgow, Scotland
EuroSys 2008 is organized by EuroSys, the European Chapter of SIGOPS, sponsored by ACM SIGOPS, in cooperation with the British Computer Society (BCS). EuroSys welcomes submissions and attendance from all over the world and aims to bring together researchers from different areas of computer systems, who are otherwise spread over multiple conferences.

NSDI 2008

Title:5th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation
Abstract Deadline:2007-10-02
Submission Deadline:2007-10-08
Dates:April 16-18 2008
Location:San Francisco, CA, USA
NSDI focuses on the design principles and practical evaluation of large-scale networked and distributed systems. Systems as diverse as Internet routing, peer-to-peer and overlay networks, sensor networks, Web-based systems, and measurement infrastructures share a set of common challenges. Progress in any of these areas requires a deep understanding of how researchers are addressing the challenges of large-scale systems in other contexts. Our goal is to bring together researchers from across the networking and systems community--including communication, distributed systems, and operating systems--to foster a broad approach to addressing our common research challenges.

Title:  ACM SIGOPS Mark Weiser Award Call for Nominations

The Mark Weiser Award, created in 2001 by ACM SIGOPS, is given annually to an individual who has demonstrated creativity and innovation in operating systems research. The award is named in honor of Mark Weiser, a computing visionary recognized for his research accomplishments during his career at Xerox PARC.

The selection committee will choose the recipient based on: "contributions that are highly creative, innovative, and possibly high- risk, in keeping with the visionary spirit of Mark Weiser." The recipient must have begun his or her career no earlier than 20 years prior to nomination.

ACM SIGOPS presents a $1000 prize to the recipient in memory of Mark and his many contributions to SIGOPS and the operating systems community. The 2007 award will be announced and presented at the SOSP conference in October.

Nominations and supporting letters should be sent to Mendel Rosenblum, the committee chair, via e-mail ( by September 1, 2007.

Please see
for detailed nomination procedures, a list of previous award winners, and the award committee members.


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