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HotWeb 2008

Title:The Second IEEE Workshop on Hot Topics in Web Systems and Technology
Submission Deadline:2008-06-06
Dates:October, 13-14, 1008
Location:Evanston, IL, USA
The workshop seeks to act as a conduit for the presentation of novel approaches used in support of performance, scalability, and security of Internet applications, including Web searching and indexing, content distribution and delivery networks, Web services, and edge and grid computing. Papers describing timely research contributions in HotWeb's areas of interest are solicited. Papers reporting on initial results as well as papers discussing mature research projects or case studies of deployed systems are equally sought out.


Title:3-rd Workshop on Embedded Systems Security
Abstract Deadline:2008-06-13
Submission Deadline:2008-06-20
Dates:October 23, 2008
Location:Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Embedded systems are widely adopted in applications ranging from safety-critical to information management systems. Their characteristics and their increasing Internet connectivity introduce a large number of security issues, since they are vulnerable to remote intrusion, side-channel attacks, hijacking, etc. WESS provides a forum for presentation of novel ideas addressing Embedded system security. Topics include, but are not limited to: - Security architectures for embedded systems - Security of Internet-enabled embedded systems - Security planning and provisioning in embedded systems - Power-related, timing-related and novel attacks and countermeasures - Sensor network security - Benchmarks for embedded system security - Case studies



Title:Computer Security Architectures Workshop (CSAW) in conjunction with ACM CCS
Submission Deadline:2008-06-20
Dates:Oct, 31, 2008
Location:Fairfax, VA, USA
The design and evaluation of Security Architectures is fundamental to security. And yet, our fundamental architectures were created before security concerns were prevalent resulting in our systems being far too susceptible to attack. Moreover, architectures, because they are broad based, are difficult to understand. This specialized workshop enables Security Architecture experts to gather. Workshop topics include: Authorization, Authentication, Network security, Distributed systems, Operating systems, Privacy, Applications security frameworks, Specialized applications (eg. voting), Hardware/software co-design for security, Architectural analysis, Composability, Assurance techniques, Case studies, and Usability issues.


Submission Deadline:2008-07-05
Dates:October 20-21 2008
Location:Isola di San Servolo (Venice), Italy
This workshop examines issues of decentralized self management as they relate to information and resource sharing for user communities, i.e.: * Peer-to-peer techniques such as structured overlay networks * Self-adaptive techniques such as feedback loop architectures * Agoric systems, collective intelligence, and game theory * Decentralized distributed algorithms * Autonomic networking techniques applied to: * Virtual organizations * Collaborative and social applications * Computer-supported cooperative work, collaborative editing, code management tools, or co-operative engineering * Data replication, distributed file systems or distributed databases * Security and confidentiality in distributed systems


HotDep 2008

Title:Fourth Workshop on Hot Topics in System Dependability
Submission Deadline:2008-07-18
Dates:December 7, 2008
Location:San Diego, CA, USA
Authors are invited to submit position papers to the Fourth Workshop on Hot Topics in System Dependability (HotDep '08), intended to bring together the systems and dependability communities. The workshop will be co-located with OSDI 2008. We seek position papers (5 pages) in the following categories: - new techniques, algorithms, or protocols - revisiting old open problems using novel approaches - debunking an entrenched perspective or articulating new ones - describing an emerging problem The program committee seeks papers that will generate debate at the workshop, and work that is supported by some (early) credible form of motivation and validation.


HotSWUp 2008

Title:First International Workshop on Hot Topics in Software Upgrades (HotSWUp08)
Submission Deadline:2008-07-25
Dates: October 19-23, 2008 (workshop day TBD)
Location: Nashville, TN, USA
The goal of HotSWUp is to identify cutting-edge research ideas for implementing software upgrades. Whether upgrades are applied offline or online, they significantly impact the software's performance and reliability. Recent studies and a large body of anecdotal evidence suggest that, in practice, upgrades are failure-prone, tedious, and expensive. HotSWUp is an interdisciplinary workshop, based on synergies among the domains of systems, programming languages and software engineering. By seeking contributions from both academic researchers and industry practitioners, HotSWUp aims to combine bold, novel ideas, with experience from upgrading real systems.


HotPar 2009

Title:First USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics In Parallelism
Submission Deadline:2008-10-17
Dates:March 30-31, 2009
Location:Berkeley, CA
The First USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Parallelism (HotPar '09) will bring together researchers and practitioners doing innovative work in the area of parallel computing. Parallel architectures can potentially mitigate the problems of poor energy performance of conventional microprocessors, but this new computer architecture will only be successful if languages, systems, and applications can take advantage of parallel hardware. We request submissions of position papers that propose new directions for research of products in these areas, advocate non-traditional approaches to the problems engendered by parallelism, or potentially generate controversy and discussion.


Title:E-mentoring Opportunity
E-mentoring opportunity - just 20 minutes per week

The MentorNet One-on-One Mentoring Programs are a chance to make a big 
difference in the life of a student in as little as 20 minutes a week.

ACM is now partnering with MentorNet, an organization that promotes
e-mentoring relationships between students (proteges) and
professionals (mentors).  Mentors and students communicate entirely by
email, wherever and whenever they choose.  The programs have proven
effective by providing "real world" information, encouragement,
advice, and access to networks for students, and particularly for
those underrepresented in engineering and science fields.

MentorNet seeks science and engineering professionals to mentor 
engineering and science community college, undergraduate, and graduate 
students, who are interested in pursuing a professional future in the 
fields of engineering and science.

Since 1998, MentorNet has matched more than 20,000 pairs of proteges 
and mentors.  Over 90% of participants would recommend MentorNet's 
e-mentoring programs to a friend or colleague.

Here is what one ACM mentor says about the program:

"I have been a mentor with MentorNet for almost five years now. I have
had a variety of mentees from graduate students who are struggling to
decide if the PhD is the right thing for them to faculty members
wanting to determine if moving up into administrative positions is the
right thing for their career. Each of these mentees has brought a
fresh set of questions and backgrounds that are unique to them. Each
has had different issues that need to be dealt with and challenges
that they face. Each of these mentees has challenged me to think about
my career path and what things were important for me along the way. I
enjoy immensely the feeling that I am providing a sounding board for
young professionals as they advance their careers. It is very
rewarding to have these mentees come back and say that you have helped
them to learn about themselves and their career interests. It is a
relatively small time investment for a huge personal reward."

--Donna Reese, Associate Dean for Academics and Administration, James
  Worth Bagley College of Engineering, Mississippi State University

To learn more, go to:

Title:Call for Guest Editors for Operating System Review
Call for Guest Editors for Operating System Review

Are you interested in serving as a guest editor for
an issue of Operating System Review?

Is there a special topic you would like to highlight with 
a collection of papers? 

Are you part of a community of researchers that the general
SIGOPS community should know more about?

There are three available opportunities in 2009 (the April, 
July and October issues). Deadlines are typically two months 
before the issue date (e.g. end of February for the April 
issue, etc.) 

Past topics have included PlanetLab, Operating and Runtime 
Systems for High-end Computing Systems, Self-Organizing Systems, 
File and Storage Systems, a Survey of Work from Microsoft Research,
Secure Small-Kernel Systems, Gossip-Based Networking, a Survey of
Work from IBM Research, Computer Forensics and more. 

If you enjoy the new format of OSR, consider serving as a 
guest editor at least once in your career. A great issue of OSR
can be both a gift to the community and opportunity to bring 
attention to a particular topic of interest to you.

Proposals welcome for smaller collections (3-4 papers) as well 
as full issues.

Send email to the OSR editor, Jeanna Matthews ( to
discuss ideas or for more information. Additional details 

Title:Call for Participation: DAC'08 Workshop: Cross-Layer Power and Thermal Management
DAC'08 Workshop: Cross-Layer Power and Thermal Management
June 9, 2008
Anaheim, CA, USA

This workshop will bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss power and thermal management across all system layers, from devices and circuits all the way to high-level software.  The workshop will feature five prominent researchers from academia and industry, who will present their perspectives on these issues.


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