SIGOPS-ANNOUNCE monthly posting (1-Mar-2003)



Title: Register for FAST
Deadline: 07-Mar-2003
Conference: File and Storage Technologies (FAST), 3/31/03 - 4/02/03
The second USENIX FAST conference will be held at the end of this month (after USITS in Seattle). The early registration deadline is March 7. This year's FAST features an excellent program of technical papers and special sessions, including a keynote by John Wilkes. Please join us in San Francisco.

Title: 4th USENIX Symposium on Internet Technologies and Systems
Deadline: 12-Mar-2003
Conference: March 26-28, 2003 Seattle, WA, USA
CALL FOR WIP PAPERS USITS brings together a diverse collection of researchers and engineers who are shaping the future of Internet applications, technologies, and systems. The symposium attracts experts in distributed systems, networking, performance measurement, security, user interfaces, operating systems, and system administration. Work-in-Progress Reports introduce interesting new or ongoing work to the USENIX audience for valuable discussion and feedback. If you have work you would like to share or a cool idea that's not quite ready for publication, send a one- or two-paragraph summary to by 3/12/03.

Title: Network-I/O Convergence: Experience, Lessons, Implications
Deadline: 17-Mar-2003
Conference: 8/27/2003
The first NICELI workshop on high-speed network I/O will be held in conjunction with SIGCOMM in Karlsruhe, Germany, on August 27. NICELI is a forum for research results, protocol design rationales, significant implementation experience, and architectural papers related to the convergence of networks and I/O interconnects. Approaches based on Internet protocols are of particular interest. Submissions are due on March 17.

Title: 19th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles
Deadline: 24-Mar-2003
Conference: October 19-22, 2003
Authors are invited to submit papers to the 19th Symposium on Operating System Principles (SOSP) reporting on original research related to the design, implementation, analysis, evaluation, and deployment of operating systems. We seek submissions of high quality that significantly further the knowledge and understanding of the systems community. In keeping with SOSP tradition, we will favor work that explores new territory, continues a significant research dialog, or reflects on experience with practical applications of the community's knowledge. Papers of particular merit will be forwarded to ACM Transactions on Computer Systems for possible publication in a special issue.

Title: Call for papers: First Workshop on Algorithms and Architectures for Self-Managing Systems
Deadline: 04-Apr-2003
Conference: Part of FCRC on June 11, 2003, San Diego, CA, USA
The goal of this one-day workshop, co-sponsored by ISCA 2003 and SIGMETRICS 2003, is to bring together researchers from the computer systems, statistics, probability theory, machine learning and data mining communities to address the significant algorithmic, methodological, and architectural challenges of self-managing systems. We request submissions of short (up to 6-page) technical papers on the design and evaluation of self-managing systems at all scales. Submissions will be judged in part by their potential to encourage discussion and exchange of ideas at the workshop. See the workshop web page for more details.

Title: 17th International Symposium on Distributed Computing
Deadline: 09-Apr-2003
Conference: October 1-3, 2003
A conference on the theory, design, analysis, implementation, and application of distributed systems and networks. Regular papers and brief announcements are solicited. The conference will be held in Salerno, Italy.

Title: The First International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services
Deadline: 05-May-2003
Conference: May 5-8, 2003
MobiSys 2003 is a new forum for presenting the best cutting-edge research on supporting, enabling, and coping with mobility in systems software, applications, and services. Presentations, tutorials, demo & poster sessions, and BOFs will cover the latest innovations in many important areas, including: security, location management, application support, mobile architectures, sensor networks, energy management, analysis of mobile networks, application mobility, systems techniques for solving mobility problems. Keynote: Bob Brodersen of the Berkeley Wireless Research Center and the University of California at Berkeley. MobiSys 2003 is jointly sponsored by the USENIX Association and ACM SIGMOBILE in cooperation with ACM SIGOPS

Title: 8th International Web Content Caching and Distribution Workshop
Deadline: 22-May-2003
Conference: 30 September - 2 October, 2003 in Beijing
Since 1996, this workshop has served as the premiere forum for researchers and industry technologists to exchange research results and perspectives on future directions in Internet content caching and content delivery. This year we are especially interested in issues of massive scale: the impact of geography on caching and replication; the role of caching and data transfer in Internet-wide grid computing; global peer-to-peer file transfer and storage; and other topics consistent with the history of the workshop and the evolution of web caching and content delivery. Program Chair: Fred Douglis, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

Title: Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems & Applications
Deadline: 23-May-2003
Conference: WMCSA 2003, Oct. 9-10, 2003, Santa Cruz, CA
The Fifth IEEE Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications is the latest in a series of high-quality, interactive forums for discussion on all aspects of mobile computing systems and applications. We solicit submissions that primarily focus on applications, systems, and environments. Submissions describing new lower-level technologies are welcome if they focus on how the technology is being used or integrated into a system or application. Hard submit deadline is 5/23/2003. Full CFP and info at

Title: International Workshop on Large-Scale Group Communication
Deadline: 30-Jun-2003
Conference: 10/05/2003
For more than a decade now, group communication has been an active research area providing basic mechanisms for the design of dependable distributed systems. Even though a lot of effort has been dedicated to developing efficient group communication principles and systems, it is widely accepted that to be deployed adequately in large-scale settings, some of the existing concepts should be revisited. This one-day workshop seeks contributions related to the design and implementation of group communication systems for large-scale applications and environments.


Title:   Roger Needham passes away
Sadly, Roger Needham passed away February 28, 2003. Roger M Needham, born 1935, was in computing at Cambridge since 1956. His 1961 PhD thesis was on the application of digital computers to problems of classification and grouping. In 1962 he joined the Computer Laboratory, then called the Mathematical Laboratory, and has been on the faculty since 1963. He took a leading role in Cambridge projects in operating systems, time sharing systems, memory protection, local area networks, and distributed systems over the next twenty years. Roger worked at intervals on a variety of topics in security, being particularly known for work with Schroeder on authentication protocols (1978) and with Burrows and Abadi on formalism for reasoning about them (1989). Roger graduated from the University of Cambridge in Mathematics and Philosophy in 1956, and then took the Diploma in Numerical Analysis and Automatic Computing in 1957. He has been in computing at Cambridge ever since. He succeeded Maurice Wilkes as Head of the Computer Laboratory from 1980 to 1995, was promoted Professor in 1981, elected to the Royal Society in 1985 and the Royal Academy of Engineering in 1993. He was appointed Pro-Vice-Chancellor in 1996.


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