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Title:10th International Workshop on Web Caching and Content Distribution
Abstract Deadline:2005-03-08
Submission Deadline:2005-03-15
Dates:September, 12-14, 2005
Location:Sophia Antipolis, French Riviera
The International Workshop on Web Caching and Content Distribution (WCW) serves as the premiere meeting for researchers and practitioners to exchange results and visions on all aspects of content distribution. Building on the success of the previous WCW meetings, WCW10 plans to form a strong technical program that covers the newest and most interesting areas relating to content delivery. We encourage submissions in all caching and content distribution areas, including P2P content distribution, web caching, wireless content delivery, CDNs, multimedia content distribution, etc. Accepted papers will be either published in the LNCS Series of Springer-Verlag or as IEEE Proceedings.



Title:USENIX Annual Technical Conference Works-in-Progress Session
Submission Deadline:2005-03-10
Dates:April 10-15, 2005
Location:Anaheim, CA, USA
Call for Submissions: USENIX Works-in-progress Session Interesting new work? Fun ideas still at a preliminary stage? Cool papers you're working on getting submitted and want to shout out to the world? The USENIX works-in-progress session is coming up soon! Get early feedback and early announcements of your work; solicit victims to run your alpha-quality code. The USENIX Annual Technical Conference (April 10-15, Anaheim, CA) is looking for WIPs in any of the USENIX-y areas: Systems, networks, benchmarking, deployment, embedded, file and storage systems, reliability, VMs, the Web, security, wireless, mobile, and so on. Send a one- or two-paragraph summary to We are particularly interested in presenting students' work. A schedule of presentations will be posted at the conference, and the speakers will be notified in advance. Work-in-Progress reports are five-minute presentations; the time limit will be strictly enforced.

SOSP 2005

Title:20th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP'05)
Submission Deadline:2005-03-25
Dates:October 23-26, 2005
Location:The Grand Hotel, Brighton, United Kingdom
Authors are invited to submit papers to the 20th SOSP reporting on original research related to the design, implementation, analysis, evaluation, and deployment of operating systems. We seek submissions of high quality that significantly further the knowledge and understanding of the systems community. In keeping with SOSP tradition, we will favor work that explores new territory, continues a significant research dialog, or reflects on experience with practical applications of the community's knowledge. Papers of particular merit will be forwarded to ACM Transactions on Computer Systems for possible publication in a special issue.

HOT Chips 17

Title:HOT Chips Symposium on High-Performance Chips (HOT Chips 17)
Submission Deadline:2005-03-25
Dates:August 14-16, 2005
Location:Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, USA
Since it started in 1989, HOT Chips has been known as one of the semiconductor industry's leading conference on high-performance microprocessors and related integrated circuits. The conference is held once a year in August on the Stanford University campus in the center of the world's capital of electronics activity, Silicon Valley. The conference emphasis this year, as in previous years, is on real products and realizable technology. Submissions are evaluated by the Program Committee on the basis of performance of the device(s), degree of innovation, use of advanced technology, potential market significance, and anticipated interest to the audience.

QEST 2005

Title:2nd International Conference on Quantitative Evaluation of SysTems (QEST 2005)
Submission Deadline:2005-03-28
Dates:September, 19-22, 2005
Location:Torino, Italy
The International Conference on Quantitative Evaluation of SysTems (QEST) is a major forum for contributions on evaluation and verification of computer and communication systems, through measurements and stochastic models, possibly incorporating non-deterministic behavior. It combines three events that have discovered an increasing convergence in their interests and in their communities of researchers: the International Conference on Modeling Techniques and Tools for Computer Performance Evaluation (TOOLS), the International Workshop on Petri Nets and Performance Models (PNPM), and the Joint International Workshop on Process Algebras and Performance Modeling and Probabilistic Methods In Verification (PAPM-ProbMIV).

NSDI Poster Session

Title:Poster Session: 2nd Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation
Submission Deadline:2005-03-29
Dates:May 2-4, 2005
Location:Boston, MA, USA
Do you have interesting work in progress you would like to share? The NSDI poster session is for you! Poster sessions introduce new or ongoing work, and the NSDI audience provides valuable discussion and feedback from researchers from across the networking and systems community--including computer networking, distributed systems, and operating systems. The NSDI symposium focuses on the design principles of large-scale networks and distributed systems and seeks to foster cross-disciplinary approaches to addressing shared research challenges. We are particularly interested in presentations of student work. To submit a poster, please send a proposal, one page or less, by March 29, 2005, to



Title:Workshop on Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks
Submission Deadline:2005-03-29
Dates:June, 20-21, 2005
Location:Stockholm, Sweden
The purpose of the Workshop on Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks is to bring together researchers and practitioners working in the area of sensor networks, with focus on real-world experiments or deployments of wireless sensor networks.

SRUTI 2005

Title:Steps to Reducing Unwanted Traffic on the Internet (SRUTI) Workshop
Submission Deadline:2005-03-30
Dates:July 7-8, 2005
Location:MIT, Stata Center, Cambridge, MA, USA
The Internet is under increasing attacks with unwanted traffic in the form of spam, distributed denial of service, virus, worms, etc. Unwanted traffic on the Internet has manifested itself as attacks on many protocols (IP, TCP, DNS, BGP, and HTTP) and popular applications (e.g., Email, Web). SRUTI seeks research on the unwanted traffic problem that looks across the protocol stack, examines attack commonalities, and investigates how various solutions interact and whether they can be combined to increase security. We look for ideas in networking and systems, and insights from other areas such as databases, data mining, and economics.


Title:ACM/IFIP/USENIX 6th International Middleware Conference (MIDDLEWARE 2005)
Submission Deadline:2005-03-30
Dates:November 28th - December 2nd, 2005
Location:Grenoble, France
The Middleware conference is a forum for the discussion of important innovations and recent advances in the design and construction of middleware. Middleware is systems software that resides between the applications and the underlying operating systems, network protocol stacks, and hardware. Following the success of past conferences in this series, the 6th International Middleware Conference will be the premier event for middleware research and technology in 2005. The scope of the conference is the design, implementation, deployment, and evaluation of distributed system platforms and architectures for future computing and communication environments.


Title:FGCS, Intl. Journal of Grid Computing, Special Issue on Fault Tolerance and Failure Recovery
Submission Deadline:2005-04-01
Dates:April 1, 2005
In order to develop a service-oriented, reliable platform, Grid research needs to tackle the problem of failure detection and recovery which affects the applications running on the Grid as well as any component of the Grid management. Even the underlying resource infrastructure of the Grid may change dynamically during the run-time of an application. Even if the other resources work correctly, network outages may occur and obstruct the execution of a distributed application. In this special issue, we encourage the submission of papers dealing with any aspect of failure detection, propagation, recovery, and fault tolerance strategies for the Grid.


DISC 2005

Title:19th International Symposium on Distributed Computing (DISC'05)
Submission Deadline:2005-05-08
Dates:September 25-29, 2005
Location:Krakow, Poland
DISC, the International Symposium on DIStributed Computing, is an annual forum for research presentations on all facets of distributed computing. DISC 2005 is organized in cooperation with the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science (EATCS). Original contributions to the theory, design, analysis, implementation, or application of distributed systems and networks are solicited. Regular papers must present original work not previously published, and not concurrently submitted elsewhere for publication (conference or journal). Ongoing work for which full papers are not ready yet or recent results published elsewhere are suitable for submission as brief announcements.

DOA 2005

Title:International Symposium on Distributed Objects and Applications
Abstract Deadline:2005-05-24
Submission Deadline:2005-05-31
Dates:October 31- November 4, 2005
Location:Agia Napa, Cyprus
If you are a researcher or practitioner who is building innovative distributed object systems or applications, consider contributing a practice report or research paper to this event. Existing distributed object systems such as COM, CORBA, and EJB have been generally successful, but we're still evolving them, and applying lessons learned into areas such as Web Services, CORBA Components, J2EE, and .NET. All these approaches aim to provide openness, reliability, scalability, distribution transparency, security, ease of development, and support for heterogeneity between applications and platforms. Significant research and development is required to continue to broaden the applicability of distributed object systems.


FAST 2005

Title:4th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST'05)
Submission Deadline:2005-07-13
Dates:December 14-16, 2005
Location:San Francisco, CA, USA
The 4th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST '05) brings together storage system researchers and practitioners to explore new directions in the design, implementation, evaluation, and deployment of storage systems. The conference will consist of two and a half days of technical presentations, including refereed papers, work-in-progress reports, and poster sessions.


Title:  SOSP Hall of Fame Award Call For Nominations

SIGOPS is instituting the SOSP Hall of Fame Award. This award recognizes the most influential papers that appeared in SOSP at least ten years in the past.

Nominations will be solicited of the SIGOPS membership via email. The SOSP program committee will choose which nominated paper wins the award. The decision will be based on a discussion that considers the impact the paper (and more generally of the research described in the paper) has had on the field of operating systems research. The program committee will prepare a short statement that describes why the paper was selected.

The award winners will be announced at the SIGOPS banquet by the current program chair. The program chair will read the statement prepared by the program committee that describes why the paper was selected. The authors of the award winning paper will be given a certificate, naming the paper, the authors, the conference the paper appeared in, and the conference in which the award was made. This certificate will be signed by the program chair and the current president of SIGOPS. A list of the winners of the award will be maintained on the SIGOPS website.

To bootstrap the award, five awards will be given in 2005 and 2007. Afterwards, only one award will be given per conference.

Nominations should take the form of a nominating letter with supporting letters or other relevant documentation. These materials should be forwarded to the SOSP program committee chairman (Ken Birman, email prior to August 1, 2005. To minimize the risk of that a nomination will be lost to spam filtering, please use the following subject: "Nomination: SOSP Test of Time Award". Dr. Birman will acknowledge nominations and can also answer questions.


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