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    UbiComp 20062006-03-31
    * MASCOTS 20062006-04-10
    SRUTI 20062006-04-20
    * HotDep 20062006-07-15

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QEST 2006

Title:3rd International Conference on Quantitative Evaluation of SysTems
Abstract Deadline:2006-03-20
Submission Deadline:2006-03-27
Dates:September 11-14, 2006
Location:Riverside, CA, USA
The International Conference on Quantitative Evaluation of SysTems (QEST) is the leading forum on evaluation and verification of computer systems and networks, through stochastic models and measurements, possibly incorporating non-deterministic behavior. Quantitative properties of interest include performance, reliability, availability, safety, security, survivability, correctness, timeliness, and efficiency. In short, QEST aims to create a sound methodological basis for assessing and designing trustworthy computing systems and networks.



Title:ACM Workshop on Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks
Submission Deadline:2006-03-22
Dates:June, 19, 2006
Location:Uppsala, Sweden
The purpose of the second REALWSN Workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners working in the area of sensor networks, with focus on real-world experiments or deployments of wireless sensor networks. Authors are invited to submit papers (5 pages, double column) for presentation at the workshop. Papers will be selected based on originality, technical merit and relevance. The workshop is held in conjunction with ACM MobiSys 2006.


NTWSA 2006

Title:Special Session on New Trends in Web Server Architectures
Submission Deadline:2006-03-25
Dates:July, 13-15, 2006
Location:Vouliagmeni, Athens, Greece, July 13-15, 2006
TOPICS: High performance Web Server architectures Web clustering architectures Web request routing mechanisms Web request dispatching algorithms High availability in Web servers Scalability of Web servers Reliability of Web Server Architectures Locally distributed Web servers Geographically distributed Web servers Storage techniques for Distributed Web Servers Data replication strategies for Web Server Contents Replication strategies in Content Delivery Networks New trends in Web dynamic contents Web servers load balancing and resource allocation Web Server Technologies simulation Web traffic characterization and capacity planning Web performance modeling Web services platforms


Title:Workshop on the Economics of Networked Systems
Submission Deadline:2006-03-27
Dates:June 11, 2006
Location:Ann Arbor, Michigan
NetEcon merges two workshops held in previous years: P2PEcon (Economics of Peer-to-Peer Systems) and PINS (Practice and Theory of Incentives in Networked Systems). The workshop solicits 6-page position papers that will promote a cross-disciplinary exchange of ideas on the role of incentives and game-theoretic or economic principles in the design and analysis of networked systems. Contexts of particular interest for this workshop include Internet routing and traffic control, peer-to-peer services, distributed hosting platforms (utilities or grids), and wireless mesh networks.

UbiComp 2006

Title:The Eighth International Conference on Ubiquituous Computing (UbiComp'06)
Submission Deadline:2006-03-31
Dates:September 17-21, 2006
Location:Newport Beach, CA, USA
Ubicomp is the premier international forum for research in ubiquitous computing, bringing together designers, computer scientists, social scientists, and artists, to discuss recent developments and future advance. Orange County is located in coastal Southern California, south of Los Angeles and north of San Diego. Typical September weather is sunny and dry with temperatures around 25C. We invite you to submit original, high-quality research contributions in all program categories, including full papers, demonstrations, posters, videos, and the doctoral colloquium.



Title:14th International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems
Submission Deadline:2006-04-10
Dates:September, 11-13, 2006
Location:Monterey, CA, USA
We encourage researchers worldwide to submit both theoretical and practical results of significance that have not previously been published. Mascots 2006 will include a new track on the experimental verification of past, important results and techniques. Papers for this track will be judged on the importance of the original results and on the accuracy and completeness of the experiments, not on the outcome of the verification. Papers in the verification track should be identified as such. The proceedings of the conference will be published by the IEEE Computer Society.

SRUTI 2006

Title:Steps to Reducing Unwanted Traffic on the Internet (SRUTI'06)
Submission Deadline:2006-04-20
Dates:July 6-7, 2006
Location:San Jose, CA, USA
The Internet is under increasing attack with unwanted traffic in the form of spam, distributed denial of service, virus, worms, etc. Unwanted traffic on the Internet has manifested itself as attacks via many protocols and popular applications. Original research, promising ideas, and steps toward practical solutions are sought. We look for ideas in networking and systems, and insights from other areas such as databases, data mining, and economics. Submissions must contribute to improving the current understanding of unwanted traffic and/or suggestions for reducing it. To ensure a productive workshop environment, attendance will be by invitation and/or acceptance of paper submission.


HotDep 2006

Title:Second Workshop on Hot Topics in System Dependability (HotDep'06)
Submission Deadline:2006-07-15
Dates:November 8, 2006
Location:Seattle, WA, USA
The goal of HotDep '06 is to bring forth cutting-edge research ideas spanning the domains of fault tolerance/reliability and systems. HotDep will center on critical components of the infrastructures touching our everyday lives: operating systems, networking, security, wide-area and enterprise-scale distributed systems, mobile computing, compilers, and language design. We seek participation and contributions from both academic researchers and industry practitioners to achieve a mix of long-range research vision and technology ideas anchored in immediate reality.


Title:  SOSP Hall of Fame Award Papers

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The 2005 awards announced at SOSP'05 were:


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