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Title:2nd Workshop on Caching, Coherence, and Consistency
Deadline: 08-May-2002
Conference: New York, NY, 06/22/2002
Caching, coherence, and consistency are topics that have been present in the research agenda of several communities that usually do not meet. For example, these topics are often addressed in computer architecture, file and storage systems, mobile computing, peer-to-peer systems, and Internet services. This workshop brings together researchers from these areas, recognizing that their specific caching, coherence, and consistency issues have common denominators that can lead to fruitful discussions and exchange of ideas. The workshop will be held in conjunction with ICS'02, in New York, NY.

Title:Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI 2002)
Deadline: 17-May-2002
Conference: December 9-11, 2002
We would like to encourage your participation at the 5th Symposium on Operating Systems Design and Implementation (OSDI '02). OSDI 2002 brings together professionals from academic and industrial backgrounds to discuss the design, implementation, and implications of systems software. OSDI takes a broad view of what the systems area encompasses and solicits contributions from all fields of systems practice. We particularly encourage contributions containing highly original ideas or ground-breaking results that push the systems frontier. Paper submissions are due on May 17, 2002. Submission guidelines are available on the USENIX Web site:

Title:International workshop on reliable peer-to-peer distributed systems
Deadline: 20-May-2002
Conference: October 13 (in cunjunction with SRDS 2002)
Peer-to-peer interaction has recently emerged as an attractive paradigm to build scalable distributed systems. Peer-to-peer distributed systems are fully decentralized, self-organizing, self-repairing. Participating entities have, in principle, equal responsabilities concerning the provisions of the various services that are offered. However, although the lack of centralized management enhances scalability and reliability, it also introduces new problems concerning the management of those services. This workshop will focus on the reliability that peer-to-peer distributed systems have to offer. The key question is whether a large set of relatively unreliable nodes can deliver superior reliability compared to traditional "highly-engineered" centralized solutions.

Title:CFP: Workshop on Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications
Deadline: 01-Jun-2002
Conference: Sep 28, 2002
The objective of this workshop is to provide a forum for researchers and technologists to present their contributions as technical papers related to wireless sensor networks. The issues and challenges for the development of wireless sensor networks not only encompass a broad spectrum of research topics but also involves a way to envision the evolution of a new breed of multi-disciplinary wireless network applications.

Title:USENIX Annual Technical Conference
Deadline: 10-Jun-2002
Conference: June 10-15 2002
Join peers, research and industry leaders at the core conference for the advanced computing systems community - the USENIX Annual Technical Conference, June 10-15, 2002, Monterey, California. Register by May 17 and save up to $400. USENIX Annual Tech '02 offers *practical solutions* for today's technologists. This is your opportunity to learn about cutting-edge technologies from master practitioners, including many software and book authors. Don't miss the FREENIX track, featuring the latest in freely-redistributable technologies including Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, X11-based graphical environments and others.

Title:First Workshop on HOT TOPICS IN NETWORKS
Deadline: 01-Jul-2002
The First Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks (HotNets-I) will bring together researchers in the networking and distributed systems community to debate emerging research directions. The goal of the workshop is to promote community-wide discussion of ideas that are not yet mature with the expectations that (1) this will influence and foster ongoing research in the community, and (2) many of the HotNets position papers will grow into papers accepted at SIGCOMM or other quality conferences. Attendance will be limited to around 60 participants.

Title:Workshop on Industrial Experiences with Systems Software
Deadline: 15-Jul-2002
Conference: Submission Deadline: July 15, 2002, Conference Date: December 8, 2002
WIESS '02 aims to bridge the gulf between industrial experience with systems software (such as operating systems, compilers, large applications, embedded systems, etc.) and the research community. The WIESS '02 Program committee seeks submissions from the industry, reporting on their experiences, successes, failures, and needs. We're also looking for submissions from researchers, reporting on their own experiences in relevant areas such as technology transfer, collaborations between research and industry, etc. WIESS will focus on papers that draw important conclusions from practical experience in developing and using system software solutions. Submissions are due Monday, July 15, 2002.

Title:4th USENIX Symposium on Internet Technologies and Systems (USITS)
Deadline: 16-Sep-2002
Conference: March 26-28, 2003
The USITS ?03 Program Committee seeks both innovative research and quantified experience in Internet applications, technologies, and systems. We seek papers describing original work concerning the design, implementation, and application of Internet technologies. Besides mature work, we also encourage papers outlining a compelling distant vision of the future, exceptionally promising prototypes, or enlightening negative results. Case studies and experience papers are particularly welcome. Submissions are due on September 16, 2002. For more information, please visit We look forward to receiving your submissions!


Title:   Students: Help authors of WIESS-02 papers
The Second Workshop on Industrial Experiences with Systems Software (WIESS '02) is experimenting with a "student helper" program. WIESS wants papers from authors in industry, many of whom have limited experience in preparing scientific papers for publication. Authors of accepted papers can opt to have WIESS assign a student to help with this process. Students who participate can gain exposure to the concerns of industrial software practice, and will be eligible to apply for a USENIX Student Stipend. (Stipends cover travel, accommodations and registration fees; WIESS-02 is co-located with OSDI-02, making the travel grants especially useful.)

This program is primarily for graduate students in Computer Science or related fields, although we will consider other applicants. Applicants need a good background in the literature of their area of computer science, some experience in writing scientific papers or reports, and good English skills. If you're interested, please: read the Call For Papers , read the Student Helper FAQ, and contact the Student Helper Coordinator at <> before July 1, 2002.

Title:   SIGOPS Mark Weiser Award
The Mark Weiser Award is an award created in 2001 by ACM SIGOPS, to be given to an individual who has demonstrated creativity and innovation in operating systems research. The recipient must have begun his or her career no earlier than 20 years prior to nomination.

More information is available on the award web site and nominations are due on September 1, 2002.


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