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Title:International Workshop on High Performance I/O Techniques and Deployment of Very Large Scale I/O Systems
Submission Deadline:2006-05-24
Dates:September, 25-27 2006
Location:Barcelona, Spain
In this workshop we will address theoretical and practical issues related to new solutions trying to solve the I/O problem in large systems scale high-performance I/O systems, and also the practical issues associated with the deployment of very large scale I/O systems in HPC centers. The goal is to identify, discuss, and share the barriers and workarounds that have been discovered.



Title:3rd Workshop on Real, Large Distributed Systems (WORLDS '06)
Submission Deadline:2006-07-07
Dates:November 5, 2006
Location:Seattle, WA, USA
WORLDS '06 will bring together people who are exploring the new challenges of building widely-distributed networked systems and who lean toward the "rough consensus and running code" school of systems building. Workshop means the emphasis is on focused, fresh ideas and experience. Real means that the workshop will concentrate on systems designed to run on a real platform for a long period of time. Large refers to the numeric and geographic dimensions of the system. WORLDS emphasizes the specific challenges that system designers and researchers must address to run software over a wide area.

HotDep 2006

Title:Second Workshop on Hot Topics in System Dependability (HotDep'06)
Submission Deadline:2006-07-15
Dates:November 8, 2006
Location:Seattle, WA, USA
The goal of HotDep '06 is to bring forth cutting-edge research ideas spanning the domains of fault tolerance/reliability and systems. HotDep will center on critical components of the infrastructures touching our everyday lives: operating systems, networking, security, wide-area and enterprise-scale distributed systems, mobile computing, compilers, and language design. We seek participation and contributions from both academic researchers and industry practitioners to achieve a mix of long-range research vision and technology ideas anchored in immediate reality.

HotNets V

Title:5th Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks
Submission Deadline:2006-08-11
Dates:November 29-30, 2006
Location:Irvine, CA, USA
The Fifth Workshop on Hot Topics in Networks, HotNets-V, will bring together researchers in the networking systems community to engage in lively discussion of future trends in networking research and technology. The workshop will provide a venue for researchers to present and discuss ideas that have the potential to significantly impact the community in the long term; its goal is to promote community-wide discussions of those ideas.


Title:  EuroSys 2006 and 2007

Dear SIGOPS members,

I hope you made it to the EuroSys 2006 conference. If not, you you missed a great event. EuroSys members will receive the proceedings by post. The articles are already available on the EuroSys 2006 web site and will be shortly on the ACM Digital Library.

Of the 144 papers submitted, the PC selected 29 for presentation. It gave out a Best Paper and a Best Student Paper award. Furthermore, the winner of the 2000 Roger Needham Systems PhD Award was announced. Willy and Yolande will be sending this information separately.

A related event was the Authoring Workshop. Seven student authors were selected. Volunteer senior researchers have been shepherding them in view of submitting their paper to a major conference, e.g. OSDI. We will send out separately a summary of the workshop.

Finally, the EuroSys White Paper on "Fostering Systems Research in Europe" was made public. It is now available on line. We encourage our European members to publicise it widely and to bring it to the attention of decision-makers in your university and your government.

EuroSys 2007 will take place in Lisbon on 21-23 March (dates to be confirmed). Thomas Gross has been appointed PC chair, and Paulo Ferreira will be general chair. Please mark your calendars. Do submit your best work -- don't be discouraged if your paper was not selected this time around.

Marc Shapiro



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