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    Advances in Learning for Networking Workshop2009-05-05
    SBAC-PAD 20092009-05-15
    * MICRO-422009-05-15
    * MICRO - 42 Call for Workshops and Tutorials2009-05-30
    NetDB 2009 (co-located with SOSP 2009)2009-06-01
    * NOSSDAV 2009 Call for Participation2009-06-03
    LADIS 20092009-06-05
    HotPower '092009-06-08
    NSDR 20092009-06-08
    PLOS 20092009-06-19
    WASL 20092009-06-29
    * PPoPP 20102009-07-10
    HPCA 20102009-07-24

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    New Master program in Ubiquitous Networking and Computing in Sophia Antipolis, France
    The Edsger W. Dijkstra Prize in Distributed Computing

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Advances in Learning for Networking Workshop

Title:In conjunction with SIGMETRICS/Performance 2009
Submission Deadline:2009-05-05
Dates:June, 15, 2009
This workshop hopes to stimulate further interest in the interdisciplinary area of learning for networking, facilitating sharing of lessons learned and exploring potential future directions. This workshop is organized for the first time at Sigmetrics, combining knowledge in both learning and networking. The workshop encourages original contributions that address how adaptive learning contributes to the science and applications of networking. Submissions may, for instance, address the following topics: • Networking models, mechanisms and protocols which facilitate and utilize learning to enhance performance. • Approaches that model and learn the knowledge needed for control and management of heterogeneous and large networks.


Title:2009 Workshop on the Economics of Networked Systems
Abstract Deadline:2009-05-11
Submission Deadline:2009-05-15
Dates:July 7, 2009
Location:Stanford, CA, USA
The NetEcon Workshop aims to promote a cross-disciplinary discussion on the role of incentives in computational and communication systems. It will bring together researchers from a diverse set of areas including systems, theory, distributed computing, artificial intelligence, and economics. The workshop is being held as part of the ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC'09).


Submission Deadline:2009-05-15
Dates:October, 28-31, 2009
Location:Sao Paulo, Brazil
SBAC-PAD is an annual international conference series, the first of which was held 22 years ago, in 1987. Each conference has traditionally presented new developments in high-performance computing, as well as the latest trends in computer architecture. The conference has strong international participation, with submissions from more than dozen countries, and is competitive. Authors are invited to submit original manuscripts on a wide range of high-performance computing areas, including computer architecture, systems software, languages and compilers, algorithms, and applications. The papers must be in English, 8 pages maximum, following the IEEE formatting guidelines.



Title:The 42nd Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture
Abstract Deadline:2009-05-15
Submission Deadline:2009-05-22
Dates:December, 12-16, 2009
Location:New York City, NY, USA
CALL FOR PAPERS The International Symposium on Microarchitecture is the premier forum for presenting, discussing, and debating innovative microarchitecture ideas and techniques for advanced computing and communication systems. This symposium brings together researchers in fields related to microarchitecture, compilers, chips, and systems for technical exchange on traditional microarchitecture topics and emerging research areas. The MICRO community has enjoyed a close interaction between academic researchers and industrial designers and we aim to continue this tradition at MICRO-42.


MICRO - 42 Call for Workshops and Tutorials

Title:42nd Annual IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture
Submission Deadline:2009-05-30
Location:New York, NY, USA
Call for Workshops and Tutorials (workshops/tutorials to be held Dec 12-13, 2009 in New York City) Submission Deadline: May 30, 2009 Email proposals to: Iris Bahar (iris at lems dot brown dot edu) David Brooks (dbrooks at eecs dot harvard dot edu) Acceptance Date: June 20, 2009 Please submit your proposal (1 to 2 pages) to Iris Bahar (iris at lems dot brown dot edu) and David Brooks (dbrooks at eecs dot harvard dot edu) on or before May 30, 2009.

NetDB 2009 (co-located with SOSP 2009)

Title:5th International Workshop on Networking Meets Databases
Submission Deadline:2009-06-01
Dates:October 14th, 2009
Location:Big Sky, MT
The Workshop on Networking Meets Databases (NetDB 2009) will bring together researchers from the systems and networking community and the database community. Many current research areas, such as cloud computing, datacenter networking, sensor networks, network management, or social networks, raise research problems that lie at the boundary between these two communities. This workshop's goal is to foster an environment in which researchers can discuss ideas that will shape and influence these emerging research areas. This year, NetDB takes a broad view of what constitutes research relevant to both communities. For more information, please visit:


NOSSDAV 2009 Call for Participation

Title:The 19th International Workshop on Network and Operating Systems Support for Digital Audio and Video
Submission Deadline:2009-06-03
Dates:June 3-5, 2009
Location:Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
The 19th NOSSDAV will be held in early June 2009 in Williamsburg, VA, USA. We invite you to attend this workshop that is known as an event where new and controversial ideas are presented and receive strong feedback. At NOSSDAV, seasoned researchers meet students for lively discussions. The workshop provides a time and venue to inspire discussion among its participants. NOSSDAV fosters cutting-edge, state-of-the-art research in multimedia and newly emerging areas. From its original focus on support for audio and video, the scope of NOSSDAV has broadened to include networked games, virtual/teleimmersive environments, Web 2.0, and IPTV.

LADIS 2009

Title:The 3rd International Workshop on Large Scale Distributed Systems and Middleware (LADIS 2009)
Submission Deadline:2009-06-05
Dates:October, 10-11, 2009
Location:Big Sky Resort, Big Sky, MT, USA
LADIS 2009 will bring together researchers and practitioners in the fields of distributed systems and middleware to discuss the challenges of building massive cloud computing infrastructures. By posing research questions in the context of the largest and most-demanding real-world systems, LADIS serves to catalyze dialog between cloud computing engineers and scalable distributed systems researchers, to open the veil of secrecy that has surrounded many cloud computing architectures, and to increase the potential impact of the best research underway in the systems community.

HotPower '09

Title:Workshop on Power Aware Computing and Systems (HotPower '09)
Submission Deadline:2009-06-08
Dates:October 10, 2009
Location:Big Sky, MT (with SOSP'09)
HotPower hopes to provide a forum in which to present the latest research and to debate directions, challenges, and novel ideas about building energy-efficient computing systems. In addition, researchers coming to these issues from fields such as computer architecture, systems and networking, measurement and modeling, language and compiler design, and embedded systems will gain the opportunity to interact with and learn from one another.

NSDR 2009

Title:3rd ACM Workshop on Networked Systems for Developing Regions (NSDR'09)
Abstract Deadline:2009-06-08
Submission Deadline:2009-06-15
Dates:October 10th 2009
Location:Big Sky, Montana, USA
More than a billion, less fortunate, people on this planet survive on less than a dollar a day. Technology can help improve their lives. The last decade has seen interest in applying information and communication technologies for global development. Research in this multidisciplinary area, often dubbed ICTD, encounters massive challenges and impacts lives of ordinary poor people. The Workshop on Networked Systems for Developing Regions (NSDR) provides a platform for technical ICTD research; building and deploying real networks and systems in the challenged environments of third world countries. NSDR'09 follows up on two successful workshops hosted with SIGCOMM'07 and SIGCOMM'08.


Title:Hot topics in storage and file systems
Submission Deadline:2009-06-15
Dates:October, 11-11, 2009
Location:Big Sky, Montana
The workshop will bring together researchers interested in all aspects of file and storage systems design. The increasing volume and variety of digital data, the emergence of new technologies such as solid-state storage, and the need for storage in new environments ranging from mobile devices to mega-scale data centers, make this area both important and challenging.


Title:4th International Workshop on Real Overlays and Distributed Systems
Submission Deadline:2009-06-15
Dates:October, 14, 2009
Location:Big Sky, MT, USA
The ROADS workshop goal is to bring together people exploring challenges in building widely distributed networked systems with those building global-scale facilities to enable research on future communication networks, with an emphasis on systems that run on real networks, providing real services to real users. For this workshop we especially welcome papers that explore the interaction between simulation (e.g., ModelNet or ns-3), emulation (e.g., Emulab), and more realistic deployment settings (e.g., PlanetLab) to better predict performance or architectural bottlenecks when scaling up distributed service on experimental environments.

PLOS 2009

Title:Fifth Workshop on Programming Languages and Operating Systems (PLOS 2009)
Submission Deadline:2009-06-19
Dates:October 11, 2009
Location:Big Sky Resort, Big Sky, MT, USA
Historically, operating system development and programming language development went hand-in-hand. Today, although the systems community at large retains an iron grip on C, many people continue to explore novel approaches to OS construction based on new programming language ideas. This workshop will bring together researchers and developers from the programming language and operating system domains to discuss recent work at the intersection of these fields. It will be a platform for discussing new visions, challenges, experiences, problems, and solutions arising from the application of advanced programming and software engineering concepts to operating systems construction, and vice versa.

WASL 2009

Title:Workshop on the Analysis of System Logs
Submission Deadline:2009-06-29
Location:Big Sky, MT (at SOSP)
System logs are a rich information source for analyzing and diagnosing system problems and predicting future events. However, most of this information is wasted due its lack of organization and cross-vendor semantic consistency. WASL focuses on novel techniques for extracting operationally useful information from existing logs and methods to improve the information content of future logs. Topics: -Reports on publicly available log sources -Log anonymization -Log feature detection and extraction -Prediction of malfunction or misuse -Statistical log characterization -Log compression/comparison -Methods to enhance and standardize log semantics -Diagnostic techniques -Log visualization -Analysis of services (problem ticket) logs


PPoPP 2010

Title:15th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming
Abstract Deadline:2009-07-10
Submission Deadline:2009-07-17
Dates:January, 9-14, 2010
Location:Bangalore, India
PPoPP is a forum for leading work on all aspects of parallel programming, including foundational results, techniques, tools, and practical experience. In the context of the symposium, "parallel programming" is construed to encompass work on concurrent, multithreaded, distributed programming for multicores, accelerators, multiprocessors, and tightly-clustered systems. Given the rise of multicore processors, PPoPP is particularly interested in work that seeks to transition parallel programming into the computing mainstream. Papers should report on original research relevant to parallel programming, and should contain enough background material to make them accessible to the entire parallel programming research community. Full CFP: <>

HPCA 2010

Title:16th International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture
Abstract Deadline:2009-07-24
Submission Deadline:2009-07-31
Dates:January 9-13, 2010
Location:Bangalore, India
The International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture provides a high-quality forum for scientists and engineers to present their latest research findings in this rapidly-changing field. Authors are invited to submit papers on all aspects of high-performance computer architecture. * Processor, cache and memory architectures * Parallel computer architectures * Multicore architectures * Impact of technology on architecture * Power-efficient architectures and techniques * Dependable/Secure architectures * High-performance I/O systems * Embedded and reconfigurable architectures * Interconnect and network interface architectures * Network processor architectures * Innovative hardware/software trade-offs * Impact of compilers and system software on architecture * Performance modeling and evaluation * Architectures for emerging technology and applications



Title:Sixth European Workshop on Public Key Services, Applications and Infrastructures (EuroPKI'09)
Abstract Deadline:2009-09-09
Submission Deadline:2009-09-11
Dates:September, 09-11, 2009
Location:Pisa, Tuscany, Italy
EuroPKI has been a successful series of workshops started in 2003. For the 2009 edition, the scope will be extended to cover all research aspects of Public Key Services, Applications and Infrastructures. In particular, we want to encourage also submissions dealing with any innovative applications of public key cryptography.


Title:New Master program in Ubiquitous Networking and Computing in Sophia Antipolis, France
Subject: NEW Master of Science program in Ubiquitous Networking and Computing (Nice Sophia Antipolis University, France)

[Please forward to interested parties]

Nice Sophia Antipolis University (France) is launching a new Master of Science program in Ubiquitous Networking and Computing. 

The aim of this program is to provide students with excellent academic or industrial career opportunities by offering high level coverage of networking principles that will help students to meet the challenges and make the technological choices of tomorrow in the domains of the Internet, Telecommunications and Distributed Systems.

Application period is now open for 2009-2010. Any student (having completed the first year of a Master program) from any country can register. All courses will be given in English.
Important dates are:
- April 2  – May 10, 2009: First round of applications
- May 15, 2009: Notification of acceptance
- May 15, 2009 – July 31, 2009: Second round of applications
- July 31, 2009: Final notification of acceptance

Several scholarships are available for outstanding students. 
To find out more, please visit our website : 

Program coordinator : 

PS: The translation in French of the program is "Master d'Informatique: Fondements et Ingénierie, Parcours Réseaux et Calcul Ubiquitaires"

Title:The Edsger W. Dijkstra Prize in Distributed Computing
The Edsger W. Dijkstra Prize in Distributed Computing is given for outstanding papers on the principles of distributed computing, whose significance and impact on the theory and/or practice of distributed computing has been evident for at least a decade. The Prize includes an award of $2000.

Nominations may be made by any member of the scientific community. Each nomination must identify the paper being nominated and include a few paragraphs (400 words or less) justifying the nomination. Papers appearing in any conference proceedings or journal are eligible, as long as they have had a significant impact on research areas of interest within the theory of distributed computing, and as long as the year of the original publication is at least ten years prior to the year in which the award is given.

For further details and a list of past winners, please see

Nominations deadline: June 1, 2009.

Please send your nomination to the Chair of the Award Committee,
Lorenzo Alvisi ( 


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