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    IPTPS 2005 October 29, 2004
    HP-PAC November, 1, 2004

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Title:Workshop on Power-Aware Computer Systems
Submission Deadline:10/08/2004
Dates:December 5th, 2004
Location:Portland, OR
Organizers: Babak Falsafi, Carnegie Mellon
T. N. Vijaykumar, Purdue


The workshop on Power-Aware Computer Systems (PACS'04) will be held in conjunction with the MICRO-37 conference. The motivation behind the workshop is to provide a forum to present issues related to power dissipation to the architecture community. In particular, we will discuss power and power-related issues in computer system design, to help understand and overcome the limitations of existing hardware/software solutions for power reduction. Furthermore, we will also present a forum for examining innovative solutions to the power problem for computer systems at all levels of performance.


Please send your extended abstracts (10 PDF pages) via email to by October 8th.

NSDI 2005

Title:Second Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI '05))
Abstract Deadline:10/08/2004
Submission Deadline:10/15/2004
Dates:May 2-4, 2005
Location:Boston, MA, USA
The NSDI conference focuses on the design principles of large-scale networks and distributed systems. Systems as diverse as Internet routing, peer-to-peer file sharing, sensor nets, scalable Web services, and distributed network measurement share a set of challenges. Progress in any of these areas requires an understanding of how researchers are addressing the challenges of large-scale systems in other contexts. Our goal is to bring together researchers from across the networking and systems community -- including computer networking, distributed systems, and operating systems -- to foster cross-disciplinary approaches and to address shared research challenges.


Title:International Conference on Measurement & Modeling of Computer Systems (SIGMETRICS '05))
Abstract Deadline:10/22/2004
Submission Deadline:10/29/2004
Dates:June 6-10, 2005
Location:Banff, Canada
Contact Email:----
The ACM SIGMETRICS conference solicits papers on the development and application of state-of-the-art, broadly-applicable analytic, simulation, and measurement-based performance evaluation techniques. Of particular interest is work that furthers the state-of-the-art in performance evaluation methods, or those that creatively apply previously developed methods to understand or to gain important insights into key design trade-offs in complex computer/communication systems. Topics of interest as well as detailed CFP can be found at:


IPTPS 2005

Title:4th International Workshop on Peer-to-Peer Systems
Submission Deadline:10/29/2004
Dates:February, 24-25, 2005
Location:Ithaca, NY, USA
IPTPS'05 provides a forum for researchers to discuss the state-of-the-art in peer-to-peer computing and to identify key research challenges in the area. IPTPS'05 will continue and build on the success of the first three IPTPS workshops. The goal of the workshop is to examine peer-to-peer technologies, applications, and systems, and also to identify key research issues and challenges that lie ahead. In the context of this workshop, peer-to-peer systems are characterized as being decentralized, self-organizing distributed systems, in which all or most communication is symmetric.



Title:First workshop on High-Performance, Power-Aware Computing (HP-PAC)
Submission Deadline:11/01/2004
Dates:April, 4, 2005
Location:Denver, CO
High-performance computing is and has always been performance oriented. However, a consequence of the push towards maximum performance is increased energy consumption, especially at supercomputing centers. Moreover, as peak performance is rarely attained, some of this energy consumption results in little or no performance gain. The main goal of this workshop is to provide a timely forum for the exchange and dissemination of new ideas, techniques, and research in power-aware, high-performance computing. This workshop differs from other power-aware workshops in that it is specifically interested in saving energy in large scale, scientific applications, rather than in small mobile devices.


Title:  New Directions for Operating Systems Review

Operating Systems Review (OSR) is an informal publication of the ACM Special Interest Group on Operating Systems (SIGOPS). We, the current SIGOPS officers, have been discussing ways to encourage new types of content in OSR.

We would like to propose a set of recurring columns including:

  • Polemics - Seek out points of difference and encourage both sides to write their side of the story. Such articles could revisit debates from recent conferences.
  • Research Group Interviews - Choose a research project and write an article that describes who they are and what they are doing. Articles that give a sense of visiting a group would help build community and would be especially helpful for prospective employees/faculty/graduate students.
  • Results of Repeated Research - Describe experience with and results from independent trials of previously published work. (See "The Case for Repeated Research In Operating Systems" in OSR, Volume 38, Number 2, April 2004.)
  • Interviews with Respected Researchers - Ask winners of the Mark Weiser Award and other respected members of the community to give their opinion on the field and its direction.
  • Novel Approaches to Operating Systems Education -Describe particularly effective assignments and teaching techniques in operating systems
  • Memorials or Historical Accounts- ACM as a whole is working to preserve its history and has asked each of the SIGS to collect descriptions of the early days of its community. OSR would be an excellent place to publish such accounts.

Submissions would still be welcome on any topic of interest to the operating system community. The proposed columns would not limit submissions. They are designed to encourage submission of new types of content and to link content together under unifying themes.

If you are interested in submitting to one of these columns, please indicate this in a cover letter with your submission.

If you have suggestions for content in these categories, suggestions for other categories or questions about a possible submission, you can send mail to


Keith Marzullo, Chair
Gilles Muller, Vice Chair
Jeanna Neefe Matthews, Treasurer
William Waite, Editor of Operating Systems Review
Geoffrey M. Voelker, Information Director

Title:  SOSP Photo Project
The organizers of SOSP-20 are trying to locate "classic" photos from SOSP's of the past. If you have any particularly noteworthy photographs from early SOSP's, and would be willing to contribute digital copies for use in a presentation at the SOSP-20 banquet and inclusion on a web page, please contact Ken Birman, SOSP-20 program chair, email


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