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    IC (SI)2011-09-01
    * MMSys2011-09-19
    FAST '122011-09-20
    ARCS 20122011-09-30
    * GDM'122011-10-01
    * MULTIPROG 20122011-10-03
    * ICONS 20122011-10-05
    EDCC 20122011-10-07
    WPES 20112011-10-17
    MoViD 20122011-10-20
    * OMG RTWS 20122011-11-14
    * SEC 20122012-01-10
    EuroSys 20122012-10-14

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    SOSP 2011 Call for Participation and Early-Deadline Registration
    HotPower 2011 Call for Participation and Early-Deadline Registration
    SOSP 2011 Call for Location Proposals

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Title:CFP: Special Issue of Internet Computing on Social Networking Infrastructures (Journal)
Submission Deadline:2011-09-01
This Internet Computing special issue seeks recent research results in systems, software, and services that provide novel ubiquitous, scalable, secure, and trustworthy OSN infrastructures.



Title:3rd ACM Multimedia Systems Conference
Submission Deadline:2011-09-19
Dates:February, 22-24, 2012
Location:Chapel Hill, NC, USA
MMSys provides a forum for researchers, engineers, and scientist to present and share their latest research findings in multimedia systems. While research about specific aspects of multimedia systems is regularly published in the various proceedings and transactions of the networking, operating system, real-time system, and database communities, MMSys aims to cut across these domains in the context of multimedia data types. This provides a unique opportunity to view the intersections and interplay of the various approaches and solutions developed across these domains to deal with multimedia data types. MMSys is your avenue for communicating research that addresses multimedia systems holistically.

FAST '12

Title:10th Usenix Conference on File and Storage Technologies
Abstract Deadline:2011-09-20
Submission Deadline:2011-09-27
Dates:February 14-17, 2012
Location:San Jose, CA
FAST '12 brings together storage system researchers and practitioners to explore new directions in the design, implementation, evaluation, and deployment of storage systems. Meet with premier storage system researchers and practitioners for groundbreaking file and storage information.


Title:Workshop on Cloud Computing (WSPCC), IMSAA-2011 Conference
Abstract Deadline:2011-09-20
Submission Deadline:2011-11-10
Dates:Dec 12-14 2011
Papers are invited for a Cloud Computing Workshop under the IMSAA-2011 Conference (, on topics relating to application of Cloud Computing in Internet Multimedia Systems and the related opportunities and challenges. The workshop will have four Tracks: * Business Value of Cloud: * Cloud Architectures & Platforms: * Cloud Security, Operations and Management: * Cloud Standards and Best Practices:

ARCS 2012

Title:International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems
Submission Deadline:2011-09-30
Dates:February 28 - March 2, 2012
Location:Munich, Germany
The ARCS series of conferences has over 30 years of tradition reporting top-notch results in computer architecture and operating systems research. The focus of the 2012 conference will be on platforms for embedded computer systems. Like previous ARCS conferences, it continues to be an important forum for computer architecture research. Topics include: -Operating Systems including but not limited to scheduling, memory management, power management, and RTOS. -Architectures and design methods/tools for robust, failure-tolerant, real-time embedded systems. -Cyber-physical systems and distributed computing architectures. -Tool support for manycore systems. -Organic&Autonomic Computing. -Energy-aware computing, power-efficient computing architectures. -System aspects of Ubiquitous&Pervasive computing.



Title:The 3rd International Workshop on Graph Data Management: Techniques and Applications (GDM'12)
Submission Deadline:2011-10-01
Dates:April, 05, 2012
Location:Washington DC, USA
Recently, there has been a lot of interest in the application of graphs in different domains. They have been widely used for data modeling of different application domains such as chemical compounds, multimedia databases, protein networks, social networks and semantic web. The overall goal of the workshop is to bring people from different fields together, exchange research ideas and results, and encourage discussion about how to provide efficient graph data management techniques in different application domains and to understand the research challenges of such area.



Title:Fifth Workshop on Programmability Issues for Heterogeneous Multicores
Abstract Deadline:2011-10-03
Submission Deadline:2011-10-08
Dates:January 23-25, 2012
Location:Paris, France
The fifth edition of the MULTIPROG workshop aims to bring together, and cause fruitful interaction between, researchers interested in programming models and their implementation and in computer architecture, with special emphases on heterogeneous architectures. A wide spectrum of issues are central themes for this workshop such as what the future programming models should look like to accelerate software productivity, how compilers, run-times and architectures should support these new programming models, innovative algorithm and data structure development, and heterogeneous embedded, accelerated systems.


ICONS 2012

Title:The Seventh International Conference on Systems (ICONS 2012)
Submission Deadline:2011-10-05
Dates:February 29 - March 5, 2012
Location:Reunion Island
CALL FOR PAPERS, TUTORIALS, PANELS ICONS 2012: The Seventh International Conference on Systems February 29 - March 5, 2012 - Reunion Island General page: Call for Papers: Submission page: Submission deadline: October 5, 2011 Sponsored by IARIA, Extended versions of selected papers will be published in IARIA Journals: Authors are invited to submit complete unpublished papers, which are not under review in any other conference or journal in the following, but not limited to, topic areas. ICONS 2012 Topics: Systems' Theory and Practice Systems engineering System Instrumentation Embedded systems and systems-on-the-chip Target-oriented systems Specialized systems Validation systems Security and protection systems Advanced systems Safety in industrial systems Complex systems Committee:

EDCC 2012

Title:9th European Dependable Computing Conference (EDCC 2012)
Submission Deadline:2011-10-07
Dates:May 8-11, 2012
Location:Sibiu, Romania
EDCC is the leading European conference for presenting and discussing the latest research in dependable computing. As in previous years, its ninth edition aims at providing a European-hosted venue for researchers and practitioners from all over the world to present and discuss their latest research results on dependability, security, fault-tolerance, and testing. Original papers are solicited on theory, techniques, systems, and tools for the design, validation, operation and evaluation of dependable and secure computing systems, covering any fault model, from traditional hardware and software faults to accidental and malicious human interactions.

WPES 2011

Title:Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society (WPES 2011)
Submission Deadline:2011-10-17
Dates:October, 17, 2011
Location:Chicago, IL, USA
The need for privacy-aware policies, regulations, and techniques has been widely recognized. This workshop discusses the problems of privacy in the global interconnected societies and possible solutions. The 2011 Workshop, held in conjunction with the ACM CCS conference, is the tenth in a yearly forum for papers on all the different aspects of privacy in today's electronic society. IMPORTANT DATES Deadline for submission of all papers: July 2, 2011 Acceptance notification: August 10, 2011 Final papers due: August 25, 2011

MoViD 2012

Title:Workshop on Mobile Video
Submission Deadline:2011-10-20
Dates:January, 24, 2012
Location:Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA
CfP: 4th Workshop on Mobile Video (MoViD) The focus of the MoViD workshop is to present and discuss recent advances in the broad area of mobile video services. The workshop will have the goal of understanding the research and deployment challenges in building the Next Generation Mobile Video services. The workshop will provide an interesting venue to discuss widely varying beliefs and understanding being formed among the academic and industrial communities in terms of how next generation mobile video services should be delivered to end-users. For more information, see


Title:2012 ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments
Submission Deadline:2011-11-02
Dates:March, 3-4, 2012
Location:London, UK
VEE brings together researchers across the many applications of virtualization in today's systems. We invite original papers on topics relating to virtualization -- especially those that will have broad appeal across the layers: from hardware, to OS system calls, to high-level language run times, to cloud management stacks.



Title:Workshop on Real-time, Embedded and Enterprise-Scale Time-Critical Systems
Abstract Deadline:2011-11-14
Submission Deadline:2012-04-02
Dates:April, 17-19, 2012
Location:Paris, France
The goal of this workshop is to identify the state of the art and disseminate current best practice in real-time systems of all types and scales (from small-scale embedded applications to the largest enterprise-scale distributed systems) for the benefit of standards users, researchers and implementers.


SEC 2012

Title:27th IFIP International Information Security and Privacy Conference
Submission Deadline:2012-01-10
Dates:June 4-6, 2012
Location:Creta Maris Hotel, Heraklion, Crete, Greece
Papers offering novel research contributions in any aspect of computer security are solicited for submission to the 27th IFIP International Information Security and Privacy Conference. The focus is on original, high quality, unpublished research and implementation experiences. Submitted papers must not substantially overlap with papers that have been published or that are simultaneously submitted to a journal or a conference with proceedings. We encourage submissions of papers discussing industrial research and development.

EuroSys 2012

Title:12th European Conference on Computer Systems
Abstract Deadline:2012-10-14
Submission Deadline:2012-10-20
Dates:April, 10-13, 2012
Location:Bern, Switzerland
EuroSys???12, the European Conference on Computer Systems, seeks papers on all aspects of computer systems, especially ones that bridge traditionally disjoint areas. All areas of operating systems and distributed systems are of interest. In addition to papers that report on the design, implementation, evaluation and deployment of systems or research work, we also actively encourage papers about new ideas, or experiences with ideas or systems. Appropriate standards will be applied to papers in different categories: for experiences papers, evaluation and lessons learned will be more important than novelty.


Title:SOSP 2011 Call for Participation and Early-Deadline Registration
The technical program for SOSP 2011 is now available on the conference website:

Please remember that the early-registration deadline is September 7.  After that date, registration fees will go up and hotel rooms will no longer be guaranteed.

Please register soon.  The organizing committee looks forward to greeting you in Cascais.

Ted Wobber
General Chair

Title:HotPower 2011 Call for Participation and Early-Deadline Registration
Acronym: HotPower'11

Full title: 4th Workshop on Power-Aware Computing and Systems

Early registration deadline: September 7, 2011

Web page:

Conference date: October 23, 2011

Location: Cascais, Portugal

Contact emails: or

HotPower provides a forum in which to present the latest research and to debate directions, challenges, and novel ideas about building energy-efficient computing systems.  In addition, researchers coming to these issues from fields such as computer architecture, systems and networking, measurement and modeling, language and compiler design, mobile computing, and embedded systems will have the opportunity to interact with one another, explore cross-cutting ideas, and develop new perspectives on the problem domain.  This year's program includes
10 research papers and a keynote address by Randy Katz (UC Berkeley).

Thank you very much,
Prabal and Ricardo.

Title:SOSP 2011 Call for Location Proposals
SOSP2011 will be held in Cascais Portugal in October.  Would you like
to propose a location for SOSP2013?  SOSP 2009 was in Big Sky, Montana. 
We have a tradition of rotating East Coast US, West Coast US and Europe
but other suggestions are most welcome. 

If you would like to present a location proposal at the SIGOPS business meeting
at SOSP2011, please contact Jeanna Matthews (   You 
can just come to the business meeting with suggestions, but a short note before
hand would be helpful in planning the schedule/projection needs etc. ( a few pretty 
pictures goes a long way in convincing people to support your proposal).


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