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    * MECC 20192019-09-02
    * ICPE 20202019-10-04
    * RTAS '202019-10-23
    * DUCSAN 20202019-11-11
    * VEE 20202019-11-30
    * IEEE Mobile Cloud 20202019-12-01

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MECC 2019

Title:4th Workshop on Middleware for Edge Clouds & Cloudlets
Submission Deadline:2019-09-02
Dates:December, 9-13, 2019
Location:UC Davis, CA, USA
The Middleware for Edge Clouds & Cloudlets (MECC) workshop aims to address the increasing need for closer integration between the different tiers on modern cloud computing platforms.


ICPE 2020

Title:11th ACM/SPEC International Conference on Performance Engineering
Abstract Deadline:2019-10-04
Submission Deadline:2019-10-11
Dates:April, 20-24, 2020
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
The International Conference on Performance Engineering is the leading international forum for presenting and discussing novel ideas, innovations, trends, and experiences. Today’s systems are complex, rely increasingly on dynamic architectures, and raise continuously important challenges related to end-to-end performance management. This applies equally to emerging domains, such as cyber-physical systems, and the Internet of Things, big data and machine learning environments, cloud/edge/fog infrastructures, and social networks, and also to traditional domains, such as web-based, data centers, mobile and wireless systems, and real-time systems. ICPE brings together researchers and practitioners to report state-of-the-art and in-progress research on performance engineering of software and systems, including but not limited to performance modeling, analysis, measurement, benchmark design, and run-time performance management. The focus is both on classical metrics such as response time, throughput, resource utilization, and (energy) efficiency, and on the relationship of such metrics to other system properties including but not limited to scalability, elasticity, availability, reliability, cost, sustainability, security, and privacy. This year’s main theme is “Performance Engineering under Uncertainty”. Modern systems are subject to multiple sources of uncertainty due to openness, heterogeneity, versatility, and variability. The complexity of managing performance-related concerns under uncertainty is starting to overwhelm even the capabilities of large engineering teams. We are looking for contributions that use techniques to enhance the performance modeling, estimation, and optimization of complex systems while considering their intrinsic uncertainties. At the same time, we are looking for all the contributions that improve the state-of-the-art while analyzing the performance uncertainty of software systems.


RTAS '20

Title:26th IEEE Real-Time and Embedded Technology and Applications Symposium
Submission Deadline:2019-10-23
Dates:21-24 April, 2020
Location:Sydney, Australia
RTAS covers embedded systems and time-sensitive systems (of any size), with a focus on systems work, and it specifically welcomes submissions from the SIGOPS/Usenix community, describing original systems and applications, case studies, methodologies, and applied algorithms that contribute to the state of practice in the design, implementation, verification, and validation of embedded systems and time-sensitive systems. There will be two main tracks: 1: Applications, Operating Systems and Run-Time Software; and 2: Applied Methodologies and Foundations. There will also be opportunities for Brief Presentations and Demonstrations of Work in Progress, and a voluntary artifact evaluation process for accepted papers that assesses the reproducibility of the work.



Title:The First International Workshop on Distributed Ubiquitous Computing: Systems, Applications, and Networking (DUCSAN 2020)
Submission Deadline:2019-11-11
Dates:March, 23-27, Year
Location:Austin, TX, USA
The DUCSAN workshop aims to bridge communities that have traditionally focused on different aspects of large-scale pervasive and distributed systems. We envision the workshop to be a forum to encourage thought-provoking discussion between the PerCom community and the system and networking communities. We also hope to encourage interdisciplinary discussion and collaboration through lively and interactive activities. The workshop will consist of keynote / invited talks, a hands-on tutorial, and a few paper presentations sharing results of interest to both communities. Time will also be allocated for the discussion of open problems and future research directions.


VEE 2020

Title:16th ACM SIGPLAN/SIGOPS International Conference on Virtual Execution Environments
Abstract Deadline:2019-11-30
Submission Deadline:2019-12-06
Dates:March 17, 2020
Location:Lausanne, Switzerland
VEE brings together researchers and practitioners from different computer systems domains to interact and share ideas in order to advance the state of the art of virtualization and broaden its applicability. VEE’20 is co-located with ASPLOS 2020, which will take place March 18-20 in Lausanne, Switzerland. We invite authors to submit original papers related to virtualization across all layers of the software stack down to the microarchitectural level. Topics of interest include: architecture support for virtualization; compiler and programming language support for virtualization; managed runtimes and virtual machines; management technologies for virtual environments; memory management; operating system support for virtualization; performance analysis and debugging for virtual environments; runtime system support for virtualization; security and virtual environments; virtual I/O, storage, and networking; virtualization in cloud computing; virtualization support for programs and programmers; and virtualization technologies applied to specific problem domains.


IEEE Mobile Cloud 2020

Title:8th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Cloud Computing
Submission Deadline:2019-12-01
Dates:April, 14-16, 2020
Location:Oxford, United Kingdom
The 8th IEEE International Conference on Mobile Cloud Computing provides a platform for researchers from academia and industry to share their latest research ideas and results, experimental activities, and the emerging industry technologies on mobile cloud computing, services, and engineering. Papers will be judged based on originality, significance, clarity, relevance, and correctness.


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