6th EW Proceedings

Johansen, D.; Hartvigsen, G.:
Convenient Abstractions in StormCast Applications
Postscript, 104kB
Paradinas, P.; Vandevalle, J.-J.:
New Directions for Integrated Circuit Cards Operating Systems
Postscript, 94kB
Satyanarayanan, M.; Noble, B.; Kumar, P.; Price, M.:
Application-Aware Adaptation for Mobile Computing
Postscript, 54kB
Bryce, C.; Issarny, V.; Muller, G.; Puaut, I.:
Towards Safe and Efficient Customization in Distributed Systems
Postscript, 70kB
Bershad, B.N.; et. al.:
SPIN - An Extensible Microkernel for Application-Specific Operating System Services
Postscript, 94kB
Ahamad, M.; John, R.; Kohli, P.; Neiger, G.:
Causal Memory Meets the Consistency and Performance Needs of Distributed Applications
Postscript, 130kB
Guerraoui, R.; Garbinato, B.; Mazouni, K.R.:
The GARF Library of DSM Consistency Models
Postscript, 124kB
Assenmacher, H.; et. al.:
Meeting the Application in User Space
Postscript, 56kB
Cheriton, D.R.; Duda, K.J.:
A Caching Model of Operating System Kernel Functionality
Postscript, 99kB
Liedtke, J.:
Address Space Sparsity and Fine Granularity
Postscript, 102kB
Mossiere, J.; Rousset de Pina, X.:
Single Address Space or Private Address Space?
Postscript, 33kB
Babaoglu, .; Schiper, A.:
On Group Communication in Large-Scale Distributed Applications
Postscript, 113kB
Kaashoek, M.F.; et. al.:
Optimistic Active Messages: Structuring Systems for High-Performance Communication
Postscript, 159kB
Yokote, Y.; Kiczales, G.:
Separation of Concerns and Operating Systems for Highly Heterogeneous Distributed Computing
Postscript, 376 kB
Black, A.P.; Walpole, J.:
Objects to the rescue!
Postscript, 48kB
Allison, C.:
Wanted: An Application Aware Checkpointing Service
Postscript, 45kB
Cahill, V.; et. al.:
Extensible Systems - The Tigger Approach
Postscript, 27kB
Coulouris, G.; Dollimore, J.:
Security Requirements for  Cooperative Work: A Model and its System Implications
Postscript, 24kB
Guedes, P.; Castro, M.; Neves, N.:
The DiSOM Distributed Shared Object Memory
Postscript, 67kB
Pink, S.:
Low Latency File Access in a High Bandwidth Environment
Postscript, 113kB
Rodrigues, L.; Verissimo, P.:
How to Avoid the Cost of Casual Communication in Large-Scale Systems
Postscript, 61kB
Skarra, A.; Rao, H.:
A Filesystem Interface for Concurrent Access
Postscript, 240kB
van Dorn, L.; Tannenbaum, A.S.:
Using Active Messages to Support Shared Objects
Postscript, 37kB
Impact of Application Scale and Diversity on File Systems

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