The Seventh ACM SIGOPS European Workshop

Systems Support for Worldwide Applications

8-11 September 1996 - Connemara, Ireland

The Venue

The Seventh ACM SIGOPS European Workshop will be held in the Renvyle House Hotel, Renvyle, Connemara, County Galway, Ireland.

Renvyle House Hotel is located on the west coast of Ireland just north of Galway. It is "set on the Renvyle Peninsula and is surrounded by water on three sides and 200 acres of our lands and mountains on the remaining side".

Activities include hill walking, swimming, boating, horse riding, croquet, tennis, and golf -- but you won't have time for any of those!

Most of all, though, the hotel is renowned for peace and quiet.

Walk this way for a quick tour of the hotel or this way for a look around the grounds.

The hotel can be contacted at:

Phone +353 95 43511
Fax +353 95 43515

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