The Seventh ACM SIGOPS European Workshop

Systems Support for Worldwide Applications

9-11 September 1996 - Connemara, Ireland

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Special Interest Group on Operating Systems


Workshop Topic

In the past, each computer had its own users and jobs. The task of the operating system was to allocate resources among competing users. With the advent of LANs and the Internet, multiple computers could collaborate to perform specialized tasks for a modest number of sophisticated users. In the future, most computers will be connected to what is often called the ``Information Superhighway.'' This as-yet-unbuilt system will allow hundreds of millions of ordinary citizens to access global information and participate in applications of unprecedented scale.

The requirements of the system software will change accordingly. The emphasis will shift from enforcing local kernel-user protection boundaries to enabling groups of users to collaborate and access information efficiently. New models, tools, and other software will be required. In this workshop, we will explore these issues.

Call for Papers and Instructions, and Arrangements


General Chairman

Andrew Herbert, ANSA / APM Ltd, Cambridge, UK

Local Arrangements

Vinny Cahill, Trinity College, Ireland

Program Chairman

Andrew Tanenbaum, Vrije Universiteit, The Netherlands

Program Committee

Related information

Researchers interested in wide area distributed systems may also wish to attend the TINA conference on the same topic the week before the SIGOPS workshop. It is not permitted to submit minor variants of the same paper to both in the hope that one of them will be accepted. The program chairmen have agreed to exchange information to prevent this. Papers submitted to both will be rejected by both. People who have only one paper should submit it to the SIGOPS workshop (since SIGOPS is by invitation only, on the basis of submissions) and TINA is open to everyone, with or without a paper.

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