Call for Papers

Eighth ACM SIGOPS European Workshop

Support for Composing Distributed Applications

7-10 September 1998, Sintra, Portugal

Advances in communications and computing technology make it possible to support increasingly sophisticated applications for an ever-widening range of users. Support for multimedia will be expected, on workstations of widely differing power, by naive and sophisticated users at work and at home, with mobility of computers and users' environments. Many components exist already, others will be created, and with adequate tools and interfaces these components should be used to build reliable, robust, secure, maintainable systems to meet the functional and performance requirements of diverse bodies of users, platforms and environments.

The workshop will focus on the challenge of building support for applications. Appropriate themes are:

  • architectural issues: naming, location, security, reliability, distribution of functionality (e.g. between client and server), concurrency control, transaction support, multimedia support, scalability, heterogeneity, performance, system monitoring and tuning
  • technology and tools for constructing system software: objects, components, events, reflection, dynamic compilation, interpreted languages, authorship and copyright enforcement tools
  • engineering issues: requirements capture, component specification and selection, specialisation to meet specific requirements, self-adapting systems, user customization support

Attendance is limited to 60 people, by invitation only. The workshop will be held at the Hotel Tivoli, Sintra, Portugal. Sintra is a small, beautiful village located in the outskirts of Lisbon, chosen by kings and artists as their Summer refuge. The hotel is in the centre of the historical village and is 45 minutes by taxi from Lisbon airport.

Papers will be selected on the basis of ability to foster discussion, originality, and appropriateness to the workshop topic. Accepted papers will be distributed to attendees and via the web. A summary of the workshop will appear in Operating Systems Review. Interested persons should send to the program chair 10 copies of an extended abstract (4 pages maximum) or a uuencoded Postscript file using only standard fonts (e.g. Times). Electronic submissions must print in Europe and the US and last-minute submissions that are unprintable will be rejected; please send an early test sample. The contact person's email and postal addresses should be included on the first page of the abstract. For additional information, see the workshop's web page here.

Submissions to the program chair:
Jean Bacon
University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
Pembroke Street, Cambridge, UK
email: jmb @

            Program Committee:
Mary Baker
Yolande Berbers
Vinny Cahill
Andrew Herbert
Valerie Issarny
Frans Kaashoek
Tim Kindberg
Barbara Liskov
Karin Petersen
Andy Tanenbaum
      Stanford, US
Katholieke Univ. Leuven
Trinity College Dublin
APM, Cambridge
IRISA, France
QMW College, London
Xerox PARC, US
Vrije Univ. Amsterdam

General Chair:
Paulo Guedes INESC, Portugal
Paulo.Guedes @

Important dates:
Abstract, max 4 pages:
Acceptance notice:
Final 8-page papers:
Workshop date:
   27 February 1998
15 May 1998
15 July 1998
7-10 September 1998