Eighth ACM SIGOPS European Workshop

Support for Composing Distributed Applications

7-10 September 1998, Sintra, Portugal

All papers are available as plain postscript.

Session 1: Composition - placement of functionality

X. Delord, S. Perret, A. Duda
Efficient Mobile Access to the WWW over GSM
LSR-IMAG Grenoble France, University of California, Berkeley

M. Fiuczynski, R. Martin, T. Owa, B. Bershad
SPINE: A Safe Programmable and Integrated Network Environment
University of Washington

E. Gun Sirer, R. Grimm, B. Bershad, A. Gregory, S. McDirmid
Distributed Virtual Machines: A System Architecture for Network Computing
University of Washington

Session 2: Composition - structuring 1

R. Hayton, A. Herbert, D Donaldson
Flexinet: a flexible, component oriented middleware system
APM, Cambridge, UK

A. Zarras, V. Issarny
Imposing Transactional Properties on Distributed Software Architectures
IRISA, Rennes, France

Session 3: Meeting quality of service requirements

G. Czajkowski, C-C. Chang, C. Hawblitzel, D. Hu, T. von Eicken
Resource Management for Extensible Internet Servers
Cornell University

S. Mitchell, H. Naguib, G. Coulouris, T. Kindberg
Dynamically Reconfiguring Multimedia Components: A Model-based Approach
Queen Mary and Westfield College, London University

Y. Saito, E. Hoffman, B. Bershad, H. Levy, D. Becker
The Porcupine Scalable Mail Server
University of Washington

R. Golding, J. Wilkes
Persistent storage for distributed applications
HP Labs, Palo Alto, CA

Session 4: Composition - interaction

J. Bates, J. Bacon, K. Moody, M. Spiteri
Using Events for the Scalable Federation of Heterogeneous Components
University of Cambridge, UK

N. Davies, A. Friday, S. Wade, G. Blair
An asynchronous distributed systems platform for heterogeneous environments
Lancaster University, UK

S. Shrivastava, S. Wheater
A transactional Workflow based Distributed Application Composition and Execution Environment
University of Newcastle, UK

R. van Renesse
Goal-Oriented Programming, or Composition Using Events, or Threads Considered Harmful
Cornell University, US

Session 5: Composition - structuring 2

C. Ditze
Constructing a Customizable Library to support Software Synthesis for Embedded Applications and Micro-Kernel Systems
University of Paderborn, Germany

J Helander, A Forin
MMLite: A Highly Componentized System Architecture
Microsoft Research, Redmond, US

Session 6: Security

C. Jensen, D. Hagimont
Protection Wrappers, A Simple and Portable Sandbox for Untrusted Applications
INRIA, Montbonnot, France

P. Tullmann, J. Lepreau
Nested Java Processes: OS Structure for Mobile Code
University of Utah, US

D. Mazieres, F. Kaashoek
Escaping the Evils of Centralized Control with self-certifying pathnames
MIT, Cambridge MA, US

Position Papers
(alphabetical by first author)

C. Allison
Quality of Service for Wide Area Clusters
University of St. Andrews

A. Bakker, M. van Steen, A. Tanenbaum
Replicated Invocations in Wide-Area Systems
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

S. Barrett, B. Tangney, V. Cahill
Constructing Distributed Groupware Systems
Trinity College Dublin

L. Baum, M. Becker, L. Geyer, G. Molter, P. Sturm
Driving the Composition of Runtime Platforms by Architectural Knowledge
University of Kaiserslautern and University of Trier

P. Bosch, S. Mullender
"Don't hide power"
University of Twente

C-C. Chang, G. Czajkowski, C. Hawblitzel, D. Hu, T. von Eicken
Security versus Performance Tradeoffs in RPC Implementations for Safe Language Systems
University Cornell

S. Childs
Filing system interfaces to support distributed multimedia applications
University of Cambridge

M. Day
Scaling and Selectivity: From NSTP to SGAP
Lotus Development Corporation

B. Folliot, I. Piumarta, F. Riccardi
A Dynamically Configurable, Multi-Language Execution Platform

E. Fuchs, D. Millinger
Task Set Design Tools for an Embedded Distributed Control System
Vienna University of Technology

J. Garcia, P. Ferreira, P. Guedes
The PerDIS FS: A Transactional File System for a Distributed Persistent Store

R. Gruber, B. Krishnamurthy, E. Panagos
High-Level Constructs in the READY Event Notification System
AT&T Labs - Research

H. Haertig et al.
DROPS - OS Support for Distributed Multimedia Applications
Dresden University of Technology

P. Havinga, A. Helme, S. Mullender, G. Smit, J. Smit
Battery-Powered Distributed Systems
University of Twente

T. Holvoet, Y. Berbers
Composing Distributed Applications through Generative Communication
K.U. Leuven

T. Jaeger, J. Liedtke, V. Panteleenko, Y. Park, N. Islam
Security Architecture for Component-based Operating Systems
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

A.-M. Kermarrec, P. Couderc, M. Banatre
Introducing contextual objects in an adaptive framework for wide-area mobile computing

J. Liedtke, N. Islam, T. Jaeger, V. Panteleenko, Y. Park,
An Unconventional Proposal: Using the x86 Architecture As - The Ubiquitous Virtual Standard Architecture -
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

J. Liedtke, N. Islam, T. Jaeger, V. Panteleenko, Y. Park,
Irreproducible Benchmarks Might Be Sometimes Helpful
IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center

A. Montz, L. Peterson
Controlled Flexibility in System Design
University of Arizona

S. Muir, J. Smith
Functional divisions in the Piglet multiprocessor operating system
University of Pennsylvania

J. Nolte, W. Schroeder-Preikschat
Dual Objects - An Object Model for Distributed System Programming
GMD FIRST and University of Magdeburg

M. Spiteri, J. Bates
Supporting storage and retrieval of computer and human activity
University of Cambridge

W. Vogels, R. van Renesse, K. Birman
Six Misconceptions about Reliable Distributed Computing
Cornell University

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