Eighth ACM SIGOPS European Workshop

Support for Composing Distributed Applications

7-10 September 1998, Sintra, Portugal

Instructions for submitting a full paper

Important dates:

  • Final 8-page (maximum) papers due: 15 July 1998
  • Workshop date: 7-10 September 1998

Submitting your paper:

  • The final papers may be no longer than 8 pages.
  • Late papers or papers longer than the allowed page limit will be not be included in the proceedings (really!).
  • Email a uuencoded postscript version of your paper to Paulo Guedes <Paulo.Guedes @> and Vinny Cahill <Vinny.Cahill @> by following the directions below.

Requirements for postscript submissions:

  • The postscript may only use standard fonts that all printers have (Times, Helvetica, Courier).
  • The postscript must work on 8.5" x 11" and A4 sized paper.
  • You must send the postscript uuencoded, as described below.
  • Please note that postscript papers submitted at the last moment that do not print correctly will not be included in the proceedings

Emailing a postscript version of your paper:

  • First uuencode the postscript file.
  • If you don't have uuencode available on your system, you can get it here and compile it on your system.
  • To uuencode your paper, assuming it's called, type
    uuencode > paper.uu
  • Then mail the uuencoded file (paper.uu) to Paulo Guedes at <Paulo.Guedes @> and Vinny Cahill at <Vinny.Cahill @>

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