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Preliminary Call for Papers

Tenth ACM SIGOPS European Workshop

Can we really depend on an OS?

22nd - 25th September 2002, Saint-Emilion, France 

(ACM Approval Pending)

1522 -  Didier Alliou
   1522 -  Didier Alliou

As operating systems spread from conventional computers to more and more different forms of devices, the dependability of an OS becomes increasingly important. For large UNIX systems, there will still be system administrators, but there will not be one for our cell phones, our digital camera, our home alarm systems, our pacemakers, or most any embedded system.  In the future, users will no longer accept blue screens of death. Instead, we expect devices to work. In general, more dependable OS are desirable for almost any type of computer or system. 

The workshop will focus on the challenge of providing dependable OS's and OS features. Appropriate themes are: 

  • formal methods: verification and specification of code, theorem provers, 
  • tools: program analysers, optimizing and certifying compilers, 
  • software architectures: domain-specific languages, object-based approaches, OS-in-the-small, 
  • practical methods: extensive testing, firewalls, adapatable systems, self-configurable systems, reliable file systems 
  • experience report: increasing dependability of commercial systems. 
Papers need not provide complete solutions and can focus on a particular subarea ranging, e.g., from software for reconfigurable hardware to high-level proof systems.

Attendance is limited to 60 people, by invitation only based on the submitted paper. Some papers will be selected for presentation, but there will be time for discussions and panel sessions.

The workshop will be held in Saint-Emilion, a beautiful wine village located in the Bordeaux area amidst miles of vineyards...  Saint-Emilion is 15 minutes by taxi from the Libourne TGV rail station which is 4  hours by TGV from Charles de Gaulle airport. The workshop hotels are in the center of the historical village. For additional information, see and

Papers will be selected on the basis of ability to foster discussion, originality, and appropriateness to the workshop topic. Accepted papers will be distributed to attendees and via the web. A summary of the workshop will appear in Operating Systems Review. Interested persons should send to the program chair 10 copies of an extended abstract (4 pages maximum) or a Postscript file using only standard fonts (e.g., Times). Electronic submissions must print in Europe and the US and last-minute submissions that are unprintable will be rejected; please send an early test sample. The contact person's email and postal addresses should be included on the first page of the abstract. For additional information, see the workshop's web page (mirrored at A limited number of students can attend; please submit either a normal position paper OR a paper describing the research contribution of your Ph.D. work. 


Submissions to the program chair:
Eric Jul 
DIKU, University of Copenhagen
Universitetsparken 1 
DK-2100  Copenhagen, DENMARK 
General Chair:
Gilles Muller 
Groupe  Compose
 1, avenue du docteur Albert Schweitzer 
 Domaine universitaire - BP 99 
 F-33402 Talence Cedex 

Important dates:
Abstract, max 4 pages: 
Acceptance notice: 
Final 8-page papers: 
Workshop date:
  PASSED (was March 15th, 2002) 
May 15th, 2002 
June 21st, 2002 
September 22nd - 25th, 2002

Program committee:
Eric Jul, DIKU, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Jean-Bernard Stefani, INRIA Rhone Alpes, France
Vinny Cahill, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Valerie Issarny, INRIA, INRIA, Rocquencourt, France
Ian Pratt, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK
Andrew Herbert, Microsoft Reseach, Cambridge, UK
Yolande Berbers, K.U.Leuven, Belgium
Arne Skou, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark
Calton Pu, College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA
Rui Oliveira, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal
Anne-Marie Kermarrec , Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK