10th SIGOPS European Workshop, Saint-Émilion, France, Sept. 2002
Can we really depend on an OS?

Workshop Program

Session 1: Instrumentation

Denali: a scalable isolation kernel
Andrew Whitaker, Marianne Shaw, Steven D. Gribble

Security architectures revisited
Hermann Härtig

The case for transient authentication
Brian D. Noble, Mark D. Corner

Session 2: Operating systems

InfoSpect: using a logic language for system health monitoring in distributed systems
Timothy Roscoe, Richard Mortier, Paul Jardetzky, Steven Hand

Dependable software needs pervasive debugging
Timothy L. Harris

Session 3: Theory

Specifying and verifying systems with TLA+
Leslie Lamport, John Matthews, Mark Tuttle, Yuan Yu

Rigour is good for you and feasible: reflections on formal treatments of C and UDP sockets
Michael Norrish, Peter Sewell, Keith Wansbrough

Capturing OS expertise in an event type system: the Bossa experience
Julia L. Lawall, Gilles Muller, Luciano Porto Barreto

Session 4: Robust service

Overload management as a fundamental service design primitive
Matt Welsh, David Culler

Rewind, repair, replay: three R's to dependability
Aaron B. Brown, David A. Patterson

Session 5: Security & authentication

Brittle systems will break - not bend: can aspect-oriented programming help?
Yvonne Coady, Gregor Kiczales, Joon Suan Ong, Andrew Warfield, Michael Feeley

The case for cyber foraging
Rajesh Balan, Jason Flinn, M. Satyanarayanan, Shafeeq Sinnamohideen, Hen-I Yang

Automating data dependability
Kimberly Keeton, John Wilkes

Session 6: Operating system's structures

Nooks: an architecture for reliable device drivers
Michael M. Swift, Steven Martin, Henry M. Levy, Susan J. Eggers

Sub-operating systems: a new approach to application security
Sotiris Ioannidis, Steven M. Bellovin, Jonathan M. Smith

Session 7: Peer-to-peer

The design of a robust peer-to-peer system
Rodrigo Rodrigues, Barbara Liskov, Liuba Shrira

Self-organization in peer-to-peer systems
Jonathan Ledlie, Jacob M. Taylor, Laura Serban, Margo Seltzer

HiScamp: self-organizing hierarchical membership protocol
Ayalvadi J. Ganesh, Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Laurent Massoulié

One ring to rule them all: service discovery and binding in structured peer-to-peer overlay networks
Miguel Castro, Peter Druschel, Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Antony Rowstron

Extended abstracts

A design of the persistent operating system with non-volatile memory
Ren Ohmura, Nobuyuki Yamasaki, Yuichiro Anzai

AIMS: robustness through sensible introspection
Fabián E. Bustamante, Christian Poellabauer, Karsten Schwan

An approach for a dependable Java embedded environment
Gilbert Cabillic, Salam Majoul, Jean-Philippe Lesot, Michel Banâtre

An online evolutionary approach to developing internet services
Mike Y. Chen, Emre Kiciman, Eric Brewer

Applying source-code verification to a microkernel: the VFiasco project
Michael Hohmuth, Hendrik Tews, Shane G. Stephens

Back to the future: dependable computing = dependable services
Jeffrey Chase, Amin Vahdat, John Wilkes

Dependency on O.S. in long-term programs: experience report in space programs
Patrick Cormery, Le Vinh Quy Ribal, Arnaud Stransky

Design and implementation of the Lambda µ-kernel based operating system for embedded systems
Kenji Hisazumi, Tsuneo Nakanishi, Teruaki Kitasuka, Akira Fukuda

Efficient heartbeats and repair of softstate in decentralized object location and routing systems
Hakim Weatherspoon, John D. Kubiatowicz

Event-driven programming for robust software
Frank Dabek, Nickolai Zeldovich, Frans Kaashoek, David Mazières, Robert Morris

Execution time limitation of interrupt handlers in a Java operating system
Meik Felser, Michael Golm, Christian Wawersich, Jürgen Kleinöder

Extensible distributed operating system for reliable control systems
Katsumi Maruyama, Kazuya Kodama, Soichiro Hidaka, Hiromichi Hashizume

Fault tolerance and avoidance in biomedical systems
Shane Stephens, Gernot Heiser

Gaining and maintaining confidence in operating systems security
Trent Jaeger, Antony Edwards, Xiaolan Zhang

High-confidence operating systems
Radu Grosu, Erez Zadok, Scott A. Smolka, Rance Cleaveland, Yanhong A. Liu

Increasing smart card dependability
Ludovic Casset, Jean-Louis Lanet

A utility-centered approach to building dependable infrastructure services
George Candea, Armando Fox

Model checking system software with CMC
Madanlal Musuvathi, Andy Chou, David L. Dill, Dawson Engler

OASIS project: deterministic real-time for safety critical embedded systems
Stéphane Louise, Vincent David, Jean Delcoigne, Christophe Aussaguès

Operating system support for massive replication
Arun Venkataramani, Ravi Kokku, Mike Dahlin

Pangaea: a symbiotic wide-area file system
Yasushi Saito, Christos Karamanolis

Replica management should be a game
Dennis Geels, John Kubiatowicz

Secure coprocessor-based intrusion detection
Xiaolan Zhang, Leendert van Doorn, Trent Jaeger, Ronald Perez, Reiner Sailer

THINK: a secure distributed systems architecture
Christophe Rippert, Jean-Bernard Stefani

Timing fault detection for safety-critical real-time embedded systems
Sébastien Faucou, Anne-Marie Dplanche, Yvon Trinquet

Towards trusted systems from the ground up
Vivek Haldar, Michael Franz

Studying and using failure data from large-scale internet services
David Oppenheimer, David A. Patterson