A brief history of SIGOPS workshops

Number Year Location PC chair Local arrgt. chair General chair Title/topic
  Dec. 1980 Pala Mesa, CA, USA Barbara Liskov Bruce Walker   W. on Fundamental Issues in Distributed Computing
1st EW 1985 Zürich, CH Liba Svobodova     Operating Systems in Computer Networks
2nd EW 1986 Amsterdam, NL Sape Mullender     Making Distributed Systems Work
3d EW 1988 Cambridge, UK Roger Needham Andrew Herbert   Autonomy and interdependence in distr. syst.
4th EW 1990 Bologna, IT Ozalp Babaoglu     Fault Tolerance Support in Dist. Syst.
5th EW 1992 Mt. St.-Michel, FR Jean-Pierre Banâtre Michel Banâtre   Models and Paradigms for Dist. Sys. Structuring
6th EW 1994 Dagstuhl, DE Marc Shapiro Jürgen Nehmer   Matching OS to app. needs
7th EW 1996 Connemara, IE Tanenbaum Vinny Cahill Andrew Herbert Syst. Support for Worldwide Apps.
8th EW 1998 Sintra, PT Jean Bacon Paulo Guedes   Support for Composing Distributed Applications
9th EW 2000 Kolding, DK Paulo Guedes Eric Jul Marc Shapiro Beyond the PC, new challenges for the OS
10th EW 2002 Saint-Émilion, FR Jul   Gilles Muller Can we really depend on an OS?
11th EW 2004 Leuven, BE Miguel Castro   Yolande Berbers General topic solicitiation
Many thanks to the following people for special effort in contributing: Since 2006 the EWs have been replaced by the yearly EuroSys conference, organised by the European chapter of Sigops. Information about this series of conferences is available at http://www.eurosys.org/XXXX/ where XXXX is the year (2006, 2007, etc.).
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