Call for SOSP’21 Hosting Proposal

We are looking for possible sites to host the 28th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles (SOSP 2021).

The biennial SOSP conference is the world’s premier forum for researchers, developers, programmers, and teachers of computer systems technology. At every SOSP, academic and industrial participants present research and experience papers that cover the full range of computer systems software, and celebrate the progress systems community has made.

Recent SOSPs have been (will be) held at Huntsville, Canada (SOSP 2019), Shanghai, China (SOSP 2017), Monterey, USA (SOSP 2015), Farmington, USA (SOSP 2013), and Cascais, Portugal (SOSP 2011).

We now solicit short one-page proposals from anyone interested in hosting SOSP 2021. Please let us know about the following in your proposal.

  1. Where is it located and how will people get there? How close is it to the nearest airport?
  2. How many people can the site house in hotel rooms, etc.?  Would people stay in one place, at multiple hotels near the site, or other options?
  3. Does it have meeting space sufficient for our needs, such as a single room for 600 — 700 people with good A/V capabilities, lunch rooms, smaller meeting rooms for workshops?
  4. Who will be managing local arrangements for the conference if it is to be held there?
  5. Is there good food and wine available? Is it surrounded by beautiful scenery that will inspire the next batch of SIGOPS Hall of Fame papers 🙂
  6. Are you available to present your proposal at the SIGOPS business meeting in SOSP 2019?

Please send your proposals or questions to before Oct. 13th.

We will contact you soon after receiving your proposal.