SOSP 2019 Diversity Workshop

Collocated with SOSP 2019, the Diversity Workshop provides a forum for underrepresented students at the graduate and advanced undergraduate levels who have an interest in computer systems research. The workshop program will include technical talks, panel sessions, and interactive events offered and organized by leading researchers in academia and industry, covering topics about system research and general career development tips. The overall goal of the workshop is to strengthen the pipeline of underrepresented systems students, providing them with advice and networking opportunities that they might not otherwise receive.

Please use this link to register for the workshop:

Early registration deadline is: September 15th. 


If you or your supervisor is unable to cover the cost of attendance, SIGOPS has kindly made available SOSP scholarships that can cover travel and registration. The application deadline is August 8. Please follow the steps below to apply. 

To apply you should submit the following:

  1. An SOSP student scholarship application and supporting materials. The student should visit the scholarship website form and submit the following information:
    • A complete SOSP student scholarship application. The application form must be submitted online at the linked Google Form.
    • A short position statement. This position statement should explain the expected benefit of attending the conference. The statement should describe any research that the student has done, and list any published papers. This statement should be no longer than 600 words (one page).
    • A Diversity Workshop position statement. An applicant should explain the benefit of attending the workshop. This statement is also limited to 600 words.
    •  A URL link to the student’s CV (optional but recommended).
  2. A letter of recommendation from the student’s advisor. This letter must describe the technical appropriateness of the student’s participation, and any partial support from other sources (e.g., the student’s institution) available to cover the costs of the student’s attendance at SOSP. Advisors writing letters for multiple students should include an explicit comparison of how each student would benefit from a scholarship. The advisor should submit the plaintext letter separately, by submitting this online form.

Important Dates

Deadline: August 8th, 2019 (11:59PM Anywhere on Earth)
Notification: September 3rd, 2019