The Hall of Fame Award 2021

The SIGOPS Hall of Fame Award (HoF) was instituted in 2005 to recognize the most influential Operating Systems papers that were published at least ten years in the past. The selection committee for 2021 consisted of Tom Anderson, Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau, and Brad Chen.

The following paper was selected.

The 2021 SIGOPS Hall of Fame Award goes to

Teemu Koponen, Martin Casado, Natasha Gude, Jeremy Stribling, Leon Poutievski, Min Zhu, Rajiv Ramanathan, Yuichiro Iwata, Hiroaki Inoue, Takayuki Hama, and Scott Shenker

For their paper

Onix: A Distributed Control Platform for Large-scale Production Networks

OSDI’10: Proceedings of the 9th USENIX conference on Operating systems design and implementation.

“Together with several earlier academic prototypes built by the authors, Onix demonstrated how to build a general purpose, scalable operating system for managing shared network resources, a key element in the widespread commercial success of software defined networking.”

The Award Committee

The award was announced Wednesday, October 27th at the ACM SIGOPS Award Ceremony at SOSP 2021.