Current Volunteer Officers, Volunteer Editors, and Appointed Directors of ACM SIGOPS.


The SIGOPS Officers are elected for two-year terms beginning July 1 of odd-numbered years. By September 30 of each even numbered year, the Chairman will appoint a nominating committee which will propose at least two consenting candidates for each elective office of SIGOPS. The election will be conducted among eligible voters by ACM Headquarters by June 1, following the election procedures of the ACM.

Shan Lu


University of Chicago

Phillip Stanley-Marbell


University of Cambridge

Brad Karp


University College London

Appointed Directors

The SIGOPS Board may appoint directors to fulfill various positions within the organization.

Håvard J. Dagenborg

Information Director

University of Tromsø

Nickolai Zeldovich

Awards Director


Appointed Editors

Editors appointed by the SIGOPS board.

Kishore Pusukuri

Operating Systems Review Co-Editor

University of California, Riverside

Christopher J. Rossbach

Operating Systems Review Co-Editor

The University of Texas at Austin

Mark Silberstein

Operating Systems Review Blog Editor


Zhaoguo Wang

SIGOPS Blog Editor

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Tianyin Xu

SIGOPS Blog Editor

University of Illinois

Akshitha Sriraman

SIGOPS Blog Editor

University of Michigan

Baris Kasikci

SIGOPS Blog Editor

University of Michigan

Aakash Sharma

Social Media Editor

University of Tromsø