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Conference Site

begijnhof Leuven is one of Europe's most ancient university towns, and is ideally located. Straddling the banks of the navigable Dijle River and the trade route from Bruges to the Rhine territories, Leuven grew to become a major trade and textile center. Town and university enjoyed many periods of prosperity. The town hall, the famous 'Begijnhof', the churches, cloisters and colleges stand silent witness to those days and make Leuven the interesting place it is. Leuven is only 25 km away from Brussels, the capital of Belgium and the center of the European Union. Leuven is located very centrally in Flanders and in Belgium and is an ideal starting point for many excursions.

The Conference will take place in the unique setting of the Beguine Convent, the "Groot Begijnhof", listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This 'Begijnhof', or 'garden of the Begijns', was founded in the 13th century outside the town wall of the time. The oldest houses date from the 16th century when the original houses were replaced by brick structures. The 'Groot Begijnhof' is now a University residential quarter for students, professors, and employees of the University. The Infirmary of the 'Begijnhof' has been converted into the Faculty Club, a place for the academic staff of the University to meet, and the Chièvres Convent has been converted into a congress center.

Leuven is a small town. Its diameter does not exceed a 25 minutes walk. The conference takes place at the south edge of the town and the rail-way station is at the north-eastern edge of the town. To see a map of Leuven with the Railway station (white square at the right of the map) and the 'Begijnhof' (red circle), click here. (opens new window)

This map gives an overview of the town. To see more details, simply click on the region you want to see, and the program returns you a more detailed map.


Travel Arrangement


x by train ...

The main railroad linking Köln-Brussels-Ostend passes by Leuven (every hour). There is a train from Brussels to Leuven every 30 minutes.

The railway station is only a 15-minute-walk from the centre of the city and the conference site. You can also take a taxi or a bus (in front of the railway station) to the "Fochplein", the centre of the city. There are busses every 10 minutes.

For information on train timetables, consult the following web site. (opens new window)

x by plane ...

The national airport (ZAVENTEM) is at about 25 km from Leuven. You can take a TAXI, but this is quite expensive (approximately 50 euro). You can also take the train in the airport (follow the train pictograms) to Brussel NOORD (first call), which leaves every quarter of an hour. Then you take the train to Luik/Liege, Welkenraedt, Köln, Genk, or Leuven, which all call at Leuven. Prefer the international or IC/IR trains because they do not stop too often. When you leave the train and walk out of the building, you are looking in the direction of the town centre. Right in front of the station you can find taxis, busses, or you can walk.

For flight info from and to Brussels airport, please consult the following web site. (opens new window)

x by car ...


West + South-West




Antwerpen, Amsterdam

Gent, Oostende, Paris



Hasselt, Aachen, Köln

Ring around Antwerpen, direction Brussel (E19)

In Gent, direction Brussel (E40)

Direction Namur, Brussel (E425)

Direction Brussel (E40)

Direction Leuven & Brussel (A2)

You arrive at the Ring around Brussel, follow direction Luik/Liege (E40). After ten km, exit Leuven, Genk, Aachen (A2).

Take the exit Leuven, Genk, Hasselt (A2)

Exit Brussel, direction Leuven

Immediately leave the A2 (direction Leuven). After 4 km, you arrive at the red circle at the bottom of this map

You arrive at the red circle at the left side of this map


If you want to drive to your hotel, mind the traffic loops in Leuven. Enter Leuven as close to your hotel as possible.

Social Events

Date Event
Sun September 19th 2004 Welcome reception
Mon September 20th 2004 Visit of the famous Stella Artois brewery
Tue September 21st 2004 Conference dinner

Hotels in Leuven

Hotel-accomodations can be found here.

An overview of all the hotel-locations and the conference-site can be found on this map

Tourist Information

On the following page you'll find links to interesting sites for tourists.

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