20th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles


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Poster Submission Information

As in previous years, SOSP 20 will host an interactive poster session. Poster submissions will be peer-reviewed on the basis of an extended abstract describing the poster and, if available, a PDF file for the poster itself. 

In 2005, submissions will be accepted in two groups.  A first set of submissions will be considered on July 1, 2005 with decisions two weeks later.  A second group of submissions will be considered immediately prior to the conference.  Please do not resubmit a rejected poster; resubmitted work will be rejected without consideration.  Our hope is that this process will help researchers who need some form of accepted submission to get permission for travel, while also keeping the doors open to work undertaken over the summer.

A single piece of work can be submitted to both the poster and the WIP session.  However, decisions will be made independently, and acceptance in one session does not imply acceptance in the other.

Accepted abstracts and the associated posters (reproduced in 8 1/2 x 11 format) will be published separately from the SOSP proceedings.  They will be available from the SOSP-20 web site and will also be printed as for distribution to conference attendees.

To submit a poster, please:

  • Write a 1-page extended abstract of the research to be described by the poster;
    All submissions should begin with the following information:
       Title: (title of proposed presentation)
       Name: (your name)
       E-mail: (your e-mail address)
       Student: (are you a student? yes/no)
  • Place the abstract on the web as a ASCII, HTML, postscript or PDF format document
  • Mail the URL for the document's location to the Poster Session Chair, Steven Hand (and please mention "SOSP POSTER" in the subject) If you have already completed the poster at the time of submission, please include a second URL to the actual poster in PDF format for use by the committee.

If you are do not have access to a web server on which to post your abstract, you may email your abstract and poster as attachments directly to the Poster Session Chair, Steven Hand.

Important Dates:

Deadline for first round  poster extended abstract submission July 1, 2005
Notification of first round poster acceptance July 15, 2005
Deadline for second round poster extended abstract submisison September 22, 2005
Notification of second round poster acceptance Oct 8, 2005
Conference October 23-26, 2005

For more information

Correspondence about the poster session may be directed to the poster session chair, Steven Hand.