Call for Works in Progress (WIPs)

We invite submissions to SOSP's Work-in-Progress (WIP) track.

The SOSP WIP session provides an opportunity to present early, cutting-edge work for feedback from the community. It is intended to highlight the very latest, not-quite-ready-for-prime-time, research, focusing on a novel research direction, a new approach, unexpected results, or partial experiences of interest to the community.

The authors of selected WIPs will have the opportunity to make a short presentation (5-6 minutes, including set-up and Q&A) about their work. This time limit will be strictly enforced.

The SOSP WIPs will be selected in advance based on an extended abstract describing the main points to be covered in the presentation. Selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • Contains new, interesting work, not previously presented or published.
  • Represents early work that is not yet ready for submission to a refereed conference or journal.
  • Lends itself well to a short presentation.

Students are especially encouraged to submit WIPs, though the session is open to all. The same research can be submitted to both the WIP and the poster session. Decisions will be made independently; acceptance in one session does not imply acceptance in the other.

SOSP WIP submissions must consist of a one-page PDF abstract. The first few lines of the submission should identify the title of the presentation, the list of authors with the designated presenter's name in bold, the authors' affiliations, and whether the designated presenter is a student. The text for the extended abstract should fit on a single page, with font no smaller than 10 points with 12pt leading, in a text block of maximum 6.5 x 9 inches (16.5 x 22.9 cm). Non-conforming submissions will be rejected.

Selection for WIPs will be performed in two rounds. The first round is timed to accommodate attendees who might need advance notice of selection, for instance, to apply for SOSP scholarships, visas, or permission from their own institutions. The second round is timed to accommodate last minute, hot-off-the-press developments by presenters who are already committed to attending SOSP. No rejected topic from the first round may be resubmitted to the second round and there will be no reviews or feedback on abstracts.

Important Dates

Deadline for first-round WIP submissions (extended abstract)August 20, 2013
Notification of first-round decisionsSeptember 4, 2013
Deadline for second-round WIP submissions (extended abstract)October 1, 2013
Notification of second-round decisionsOctober 15, 2013
ConferenceNovember 3-6, 2013

Submit your WIP abstracts to

Questions about the Work in Progress session may be directed to the WIP Session Chair, Emin Gün Sirer.

WIP Program Committee:

  • Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau (University of Wisconsin)
  • Michael J. Freedman (Princeton University)
  • Emin Gün Sirer (Cornell University)
  • Bernard Wong (University of Waterloo)

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