[ACM logo] 17th ACM Symposium on
Operating Systems Principles

December 12-15, 1999
Kiawah Island Resort, near Charleston, SC, USA

Sponsored by
Association for Computing Machinery
Special Interest Group on Operating Systems
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The 17th ACM Symposium on Operating System Principles is now over. We have left the pages for future reference.

Since the conference, this site has been edited sligthly to reflect that the conference is now over.

The biannual ACM Symposium on Operating System Principles is the world's premier forum for bringing together researchers, developers, programmers, vendors and educators of operating system technology. Academic and industrial participants present research and experience papers that cover the full range of theory and practice.

SOSP 17 continued the tradition of previous conferences, focusing on the design, implementation, analysis, and deployment of operating systems. A broad set of high quality, relevant, interesting papers was presented, covering topics on a wide range including resource management, security, application support, I/O, networking, user interface support, and OS-related issues for the world-wide web. Our scope spanned a wide range of platforms and environments: embedded systems, mobile computers, PCs, workstations, servers, high-performance machines, and production environments - especially heterogeneous ones.

Work that advanced the state of the art into new territory, or continued a significant research dialogue, or reflected on practical applications of the community's knowledge was presented. Reports presented newly-completed work, experience studies, and constructive critiques of prior work, as well as more speculative studies of fresh opportunities.

Many contributions emphasized the OS community's contribution to the closely related fields of computer architecture, data communications, programming systems and languages, and applications. The Symposium attracted attendees with diverse backgrounds, and we explicitly presented papers not only in the "traditional core" of the OS field, but also in the interface to these areas and others.

There was a poster session and a work-in-progress session; in each case presenters was chosen from brief proposals submitted to the program committee.


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