Grand Challenges in Computer Systems Research

NSF is sponsoring a community visioning workshop on Grand Challenges in Computer Systems Research on a 10-15 year horizon. This workshop will focus on architecture, operating systems, and programming systems, and be co-located with ASPLOS.

SIGOPS child-care grants

SIGOPS provides funds for a limited number of grants that support child care for members that would like to participate in a SIGOPS-sponsored events.

The 1st ACM SIGOPS Summer School on Advanced Topics in System (SATIS)

ACM SIGOPS is sponsoring a series of summer schools on Advanced Topics in Systems to be held once every two years. This first summer school will focus on advanced topics in Distributed Systems and will be held 14-17 August 2018 on the picturesque and secluded island of Sommar√ły located in a Norwegian fjord 300 km (200 miles) north of the Arctic circle.