After the Complaint: What Should ACM Disclose? (Comment Before April 9)

SIGOPS would like to call your attention to an important article in the March issue of CACM. This article asks for community feedback on a draft ACM policy governing how ACM will disclose information about people found to have violated ACM policies.

“After the Complaint: What Should ACM Disclose?”

We strongly encourage members of the SIGOPS community to submit feedback, not just to help improve this disclosure policy, but also to encourage ACM to continue to ask the community for feedback on significant policy questions in the future. Your feedback can be as simple as “I support/do not support this plan for greater disclosure” and would send a clear message that members value being consulted by ACM on their views.

The draft policy discussed in this article is a direct result of severe violations in adjacent research communities in recent years (one of which the article describes in sidebar 5), and the call from members of the adjacent research communities to revisit the balance between harm prevention and legal liability in the ACM disclosure policy.

ACM would like your feedback on this important topic. To respond, visit either of the following URLs, where you can log in using your ACM account or a Google or Facebook account:

You can submit section-by-section feedback here:

And you can submit any general concerns or reflections here:

The comment period closes April 9, 2023.