ChinaSys Rising Star Award and Doctoral Dissertation Award 2019

As a SIGOPS Professional chapter, SIGOPS China (namely ChinaSys) is a community for researchers and practitioners on computer systems in China. ChinaSys has been running a workshop twice a year since 2011, and the latest 17th workshop was held in Zhuhai, Guangdong province on December 20th-21st . Over 180 attendees from academia and industry participated in this workshop.

During the workshop, ChinaSys presented two awards: the Rising Star Award and the Doctoral Dissertation Award. Haibo Chen, the chair of ChinaSys and Yungang Bao, the vice-chair, presented those two awards.

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award is presented to young researchers who have made outstanding contribution in the system research area, broadly defined. The winner of this year was Youyou Lu, an assistant professor at Tsinghua University. Professor Lu’s research on persistent storage exploits the multi-tiered co-design of software and hardware to rethink the design of storage systems for both SSDs and NVM, which has been shown to be innovative and practical.

Doctoral Dissertation Awards

The Doctoral Dissertation Award is presented to outstanding Ph.D. graduates in the system research area, broadly defined. The winners this year were Dr. Bojie Li from the University of Science and Technology of China and Dr. Xiaowei Zhu from Tsinghua University. Bojie was awarded for his research on programmable NICs, and Xiaowei was awarded for his work in graph computing systems.

Congratulations to those winners and their advisors!

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