ASPLOS 2020 Call for Workshop Proposals Workshop proposals are solicited for ASPLOS 2020 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Workshops will be held on Monday, March 16, 2020 and Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Proposals in the interplay between programming languages, computer architecture, operating systems, and user interfaces to deal with challenges — such as, power, performance, resilience, and programmer productivity — in emerging areas … Read more ASPLOS 2020 Call for Workshop Proposals

SOSP 2019 Diversity Workshop

Collocated with SOSP 2019, the Diversity Workshop provides a forum for underrepresented students at the graduate and advanced undergraduate levels who have an interest in computer systems research. The workshop program will include technical talks, panel sessions, and interactive events offered and organized by leading researchers in academia and industry, covering topics about system research … Read more SOSP 2019 Diversity Workshop