APSys 2017: September 2-3, 2017

The Eighth SIGOPS Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems will be held in Mumbai, India.
Building on the success of its predecessors, APSys 2017 will continue to be a lively forum for systems researchers and practitioners across the world to meet, interact, and collaborate with their peers from the Asia/Pacific region. APSys takes a broad view of systems and solicits papers from various fields of systems, including but not limited to:

  • Operating systems, their interaction with hardware architecture and programming languages
  • Virtualization and its novel applications
  • File and storage systems
  • Networked systems including both wired and wireless networks
  • Mobile, wireless, embedded and pervasive systems
  • Cloud computing and data center management
  • Edge computing and peer to peer systems
  • Systems for Big Data Analytics
  • Distributed systems, theory and practice
  • Internet of Things
  • System energy characterization and optimization
  • Testing and verification of computer systems
  • Measurement, monitoring, and modeling
  • Reliability, scalability, and fault tolerance
  • Security and privacy
  • Systems for machine learning and AI
  • Heterogeneous systems, GPU computing, and novel hardware accelerators
  • Experience with deployed systems
  • Application of interesting research ideas to computer systems, such as machine learning and stochastic modeling.

The workshop favors works with an experimental flavor such as measurement and prototyping.